If you’re looking to get that perfect smile, Pulice has you covered. Operating under the belief that “beauty starts with a great smile,” the beauty and health clinic provides high-grade dental care as well as beauty treatments, ensuring you walk out feeling your best.

At Pulice, patients come first. The staff have taken great measures to create a comforting environment that greets the patient upon entry, with a luxurious, aroma-infused waiting area and a relaxing atmosphere in the dental offices, all of which are individual and private rooms.

Consultation at Pulice

Consultation at Pulice

The dental and beauty staff at Pulice value privacy, and meet with patients for one-on-one consultations where they may discuss concerns and surgery or treatment methods, to better understand the patient and ensure satisfying results.

Language is an issue in many dental clinics in Japan. But Pulice’s Dr. Keiko, having lived overseas for 12 years, is able to provide friendly service and share her expertise in English.

Pulice provides unique dental procedures not found in other clinics. Specializing in cosmetic treatments, teeth whitening, teeth implants, dental checks, and treating tooth decays and gum diseases, the clinic utilizes ozone gas to eliminate bacteria and help maintain beautiful and healthy teeth.

In addition to individual procedures, Pulice offers three special dental courses, each catering to a specific type of treatment.

The “Oral Dock Course” employs the new VistaCam technology to give a thorough, complete oral scan. This allows Pulice to identify the cavities that would be missed by the average X-ray. The VistaCam can also measure factors that could contribute to the risk of dental problems, including mouth odor and moisture levels. The procedure is finished off by utilizing ozone gas to eliminate most of the bacteria.

The “Pulice Course” provides an extensive teeth cleaning that goes a step beyond standard procedures. The course includes a full dental checkup, after which patients may indulge themselves in a gum and head massage coupled with aromatherapy.

The “Periodontal Disease Treatment Course” provides a fast solution to treat gum disease. A Pulice dentist and nutritionist work together to remedy the patient’s gum disease, using ozone gas, oral medicine, and a special mouthwash; and prevent the escalation of its condition.

Because beauty extends beyond a great smile, Pulice also offers various skincare and beauty treatments.

The experienced staff caters to those desiring fresh, younger-looking skin through procedures that target fine lines. To further eradicate facial wrinkles surrounding the mouth, the staff inject hyaluronic acid in a painless process. The LBM face massage gives sagging skin a lift and relaxes wrinkles. For a more defined look, Pulice uses the Denta Slim “face diet” procedure to non-surgically remove facial fat.

The beauty treatments also include acne treatments, skin regeneration, hair regrowth, and gel nails.

Pulice guarantees more than just the pearly whites; it also gives you a reason to smile.

1F Oak Kyobashi Bldg., 1-16-10 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku. Tel: 03-3538-6767. Open weekdays & Sat 10am-6pm; closed Thu, Sun & hols. Nearest station: Takaracho, Kyobashi, Nihonbashi, and Tokyo. E-mail: info@pulice.jp. http://pulice.jp