Japan appears to have discovered the secret to retaining fresh, vibrant skin—and it’s the same ingredient that keeps its lush countryside landscape beautiful: rice. In fact, rice was more than just a nourishing side dish: in the past, the Japanese have used it in their hygienic regimen, cleansing themselves with rice bran in the place of soap, and taking dips in hot baths drawn with rice bran. Some might say that this is the secret to the youthful, glowing skin that is commonly attributed to the Japanese.

This is the drive behind Rice Force, a manufacturer of beauty products that draws from rice’s rejuvenating properties to refresh the skin and bring it to its youthful state. Originating and manufactured in Kagawa Prefecture, Rice Force is born out of the belief that in order for skin to be at its best, the products applied to it need to be as close to nature as possible.

Rice Force in use at the Moana Lani Spa

Rice Force in use at the Moana Lani Spa, Hawaii

Rice Force specializes in skincare products that replenish dry or dehydrated skin by moisturizing it from the inside, while most other products moisturize on the surface. This is made possible by Rice Force’s Rice Power® Extract: a substance developed by a sake brewery comprised of raw, 100-percent Japanese rice, which is processed using an age-old fermentation technique.

Rice Force’s skincare products utilize Rice Power® Extract No. 11, whose active ingredients strengthen the skin’s ability to absorb and retain moisture, and stay hydrated for longer. Unlike most conventional moisturizers that merely coat the skin’s surface, Rice Power® Extract No. 11 seeps deep into the skin and moisturizes from within. This active ingredient is the only one that can lay claim to being officially recognized by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare that can moisturize skin internally while maintaining the skin’s moisture balance.

The unrivaled youth-attaining effects of Rice Force’s skincare products have amassed them a massive fan base in Japan through word of mouth. As such, they have sold over 14 million units worldwide and boasting a clientele of over 1,700 popular figures—and counting—in the Japanese entertainment industry, as well as high-end ryokan resorts and luxury hotels. Moreover, Rice Force is helping clients overseas enrich their skin, being used at the Moana Lani Spa in the Moana Surf Rider, Waikiki’s oldest resort.

Rice Force’s Deep Moisture Series helps skin attain a youthful radiance through deeply penetrating into the skin, using and fortifying the skin’s natural functions.

The Deep Moisture Lotion is ideal for dry skin, absorbing immediately into the skin upon application, and its effects can be felt in a matter of seconds. The Deep Moisture Essence functions as something of a youth serum, reduces facial lines around the eyes and mouth, while increasing overall skin elasticity.

In addition to the Deep Moisture Series, Rice Force also offers a Premium Perfect Series for thicker, stronger moisturizing; a Facial Wash series for thorough cleansing; an Acpoless Series to regulate and balance facial oil levels and moisture; the Make Up Base Series for skin protection; and the Hair & Body Care Series, that will leave the whole body hydrated and refreshed.

If you’re looking for the natural, perfect methods to rejuvenate your skin, your search ends with Rice Force.

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