Rice, water, koji (yeast). While these three ingredients seem humble, they are integral for one of Japan’s most precious drops of tradition. Of course, we’re talking about sake. 

The journey from grain to bottle is no simple feat. It’s a complex process that touji (sake masters) have been learning for over 2,500 years. Any slight change, such as the water source, the quality of rice or the way the grain is polished, can alter the taste and clarity of the final product. This means that local breweries have, over generations of touji, carefully developed their own unique sake products that can often only be reproduced at that brewery alone. 

The brewery for sale in Gifu Prefecture is no exception. The building itself is a historical gem of Edo-period architecture, and has been around for 150 years. Its sake is more than just a drink, it’s a reflection of the local refreshing mountain climate, the neighboring Hida River, the generations of brewery staff and their love and care to craft the perfect beverage. 

Nestled in the shade of the mountains in a quiet street, this traditional brewery still follows ancient generations-old techniques and uses traditional tools to deliver a true taste of Japan’s historical artisanship. The process begins by polishing the rice, followed by washing, soaking and steaming. The prepared rice is then added to the moromi (main fermentation mash) along with the koji. Once fermented, the grain is pressed, filtered, sterilized, stored for aging and finally poured into bottles. Many breweries use modern machines to automate these processes, but this particular brewery prides itself on adhering to tradition and appreciating the sheer skill required to make sake by hand. 

As well as the brewery, the location also stocks rare aged sake that you’ll struggle to find elsewhere in Japan, as well as homemade goods such as the local dried persimmon, sake jelly, chili oil, umeshu (plum wine) and their recommended seasonal sake choices. The brewery sells via its online shop and also welcomes visitors to drop by and taste the sake on location. 

This is a rare opportunity to own a small, traditional Japanese sake brewery that produces the highest quality of handmade sake. Sale inquiries welcome by emailing info@japanpartnershipholdings.com or calling Neil Butler on +81 3 4588 2277.