If you’re going through the post-holidays sweets and alcohol withdrawal, you needn’t suppress your cravings any more. Sankt Gallen, famous for their flavored brews such as their Sakura and Apple Cinnamon beers, come out with their new, limited-edition line of chocolate-flavored beer, which come in four varieties.

The Imperial Chocolate Stout (¥648) boasts a bitter cocoa aroma, with a full-bodied taste and a milkshake-like froth. The sweet-toothed will especially regale in their Sweet Vanilla Stout (¥472), which does what it says on the label, leaving drinkers with a cupcake-tinged aftertaste. If you like your brews more on the citrusy side, the Orange Chocolate Stout and Strawberry Chocolate Stout (¥540) are sure to satisfy.

If you’re wondering why we need to infuse candy flavors into our beer, the reason is simple: because we’re adults; that’s why.

Available in select liquor and supermarkets nationwide. Full list of retailers can be found, and products can be bought online, at www.sanktgallenbrewery.com.