When the fourth film in the Terminator series, Terminator Salvation, went into production a decade ago, Arnold Schwarzenegger had more important things to do than reprise his role as a killer cyborg—like run a state. The office of the Governor of California released a statement saying a return to Hollywood wasn’t “even on the radar” and the T-800 had to be created through a combination of a body double and CGI.

Governor Schwarzenegger left office in 2011, and despite turmoil in his private life, returned to acting. And now comes his return to the franchise with Terminator Genisys. The 67-year-old has embraced the challenge, not only doing his own stunts and helping costar Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones) train for the role of Sarah Connor, but also traveling the world to promote the film.

“I’m having a great time,” he said before a screening in Berlin. “I’m in good shape. For me, it is no problem to do stunts and to do the action. Nothing has changed [since the first film in 1984].” If Schwarzenegger is enjoying himself, he can rest assured the feeling will likely continue. Two more Terminator films have been announced, and he is set to resurrect another iconic role—Conan the Barbarian.

Terminator Genisys is now playing nationwide.