Steamin’ Away


Originally published on on November 2009

Courtesy of Idea International

Courtesy of Idea International

We almost fell off our stools when we first read about the Chimney Hybrid S, a humidifier that “combines heating and ultrasonic waves.” Is it just us, or does that sound more like the kind of secret weapon that Ernest Blofeld might concoct? On closer inspection, it turns out that the ultrasonic bit refers to the technology underpinning the steam humidifier function, rather than anything—dare we say it—more exciting. Still, as humidifiers go, this one’s a peach, and comes with an added “aroma cup” at the top of the chimney to keep your home extra fragrant.

Takumi Chimney Hybrid S, ¥13,440. Available from electronics stores, Idea Online Shop and Amazon Japan.