Originally published on metropolis.co.jp on October 2010

Photo by James Hadfield

Kewpie is tied up in knots, but it’s clear this rough treatment isn’t going to get to him. As usual, everyone’s favorite naked baby is wearing an adorable expression—or could it be that he’s got a fetish for ropes? This cellphone strap is just the thing for the bondage enthusiast with a well developed sense of humor. Maybe it’s mere coincidence that its release roughly coincides with the 70th birthday of Araki, the photographer who likes to practice kinbaku (rope play) on his female subjects. Someone should send him one of these: we’re sure it would put a smile on the randy old coot’s face.

Oshibari Kewpie Strap ¥609 (+¥350 flat rate postage). Available via www.strapya-world.com