Since 1994, Metropolis has been a free magazine at the heart of Tokyo’s international community. We’re so grateful for everyone who has supported us over these years, whether they’re locals picking up a copy or our thousands of readers who have now returned to their home countries and continue to follow us online. Being there for the community really is, and always has been, our top priority. Now, we’re asking for your support in return. 


As Japan’s no.1 English-language magazine, we’re proud to bring our readers regular news including film, art, fashion, literature, travel, events, architecture, music and advice for life in Japan. We also play a more vital role, bringing essential insights and features covering life-changing events such as the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami in 2011 and, more recently, the coronavirus pandemic. We have also been using our platform to support local businesses and provide news updates and advice through the difficulties of COVID-19 in Japan. 


The financial strains due to COVID-19, in addition to the decline in the magazine industry, has, like for so many other businesses, been a struggle for us. In order for us to continue giving you quality, free content about Tokyo and Japan, which we love dearly, we would like to ask you for help through our crowdfunding page. 


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What your support will go towards 

Support Metropolis and help us (読者の皆様からサポートで以下のことを計画しています。):

  • Make our exciting fall and winter issues possible/Metropolis 秋号・冬号の制作
  • Continue to put quality content online so we can continue to be a stable source of news, culture and lifestyle for the international community/弊誌ウェブサイトでの上質なコンテンツ作り
  • Aid our wonderful writers, designers, photographers and staff who make us who we are/メトロポリスに欠かせないスタッフのサポート

We  believe we can survive these extraordinary times and we will endeavor to continue covering the vibrant and disparate activities that the international community gives to the world’s most exciting capital city. 

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Check out the valuable content we produce in our spring and summer issues here.

How to donate/支援の方法

Head to

Tier 1

Any little amount you can give minimum ¥1,000 ($10)
Thank you email from the Metropolis team
Knowing that you helped the international community of Tokyo and can continue to read Metropolis content


リターン:メトロポリスチームからのThank You メール

Tier 2
¥3,000 ($30)
All of the above
PLUS we will send you a copy of the next issue in the mail (even if you are international) 


Tier 3
¥5,000 ($50)
All of the above
PLUS an exclusive Metropolis eco bag


Tier 4
¥10,000 ($100)
All of the above
PLUS your name online as an official sponsor on our website
See the official page here


Tier 5
$500 (¥50,000)
All of tier 4
PLUS a QUARTER page advertisement for your company or brand in our magazine (usually ¥150,000). Advertisement content will be subject to approval of the Metropolis team. Please contact us at for processing your advertisement.

リターン:上記全てに加え、メトロポリスの雑誌の1/4ページを使うことができる権利(通常15万円)。企業またはブランド宣伝としてお使い頂けますが、不適切な内容と判断された場合お断りする可能性がありますので、内容に関して までお問い合わせください。

Tier 6
$10,000 (¥100,000)
All of tier 4
PLUS a HALF page advertisement (usually worth ¥300,000) in the magazine for your company or brand AND an online advertorial (usually worth ¥200,000). Advertisement and advertorial content will be subject to approval of the Metropolis team. Please contact us at for processing your advertisement and advertorial.

リターン:Tier 4までの全てに加え、メトロポリスの雑誌の1/2ページを使うことができる権利(通常30万円)と弊誌ウェブサイトでのオンライン記事広告(通常20万円)。企業またはブランド宣伝としてお使い頂けますが、不適切な内容と判断された場合お断りする可能性がありますので、内容に関して までお問い合わせください。

Tier 7
$1,000+ (¥100,000+)
For much larger amounts of support, Metropolis can provide significant customized marketing and media services for you individually or for your business. Please contact us at for details.

リターン: より高額なサポートをいただいた場合、Metropolisは、個別に、またはビジネスに対して、カスタマイズされた高品質なマーケティングおよびメディアサービスをご提供できます。 詳しくはinfo@metropolisjapan.comまでお問い合わせください。

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