©Sea Shell Pink

Sea Shell Pink (©Sea Shell Pink)

Finding nice, yet affordable swimwear can be a challenge. Prices ranging from ¥10,000 to ¥20,000 are not uncommon. But Sea Shell Pink, a shop located just a few minutes from Naka-meguro Station, has some of the best domestic and imported brands for just ¥3,980. That’s it! Any item on the rack is yours for one low price.

This popular specialty shop, which specializes exclusively in ladies’ swimwear, carries Japanese sizes 7-11 and American sizes 6-10. And since swimwear can differ significantly depending on the style, trying them on is a must. Sea Shell Pink understands this, and will help you choose the swimsuit that is best for you.

As for the styles, they have a wide variety including triangular swimwear, wired bikinis, and the trending bandeau style. Even within the bandeau style, there are many different options—flared, bust up, girly, elegant, and simple!

©Sea Shell Pink

Sea Shell Pink store in Naka-meguro (Selection may vary. Some swimsuits shown here may no longer be available.) Photo © Sea Shell Pink

Sea Shell Pink also provides pareo wraps and frilled miniskirts/shorts for just ¥1,000 to accentuate your swimwear style.

Whether for a day by the pool or a weekend at the beach, Sea Shell Pink will help you create your own unique style and stand out from the crowd—affordably!



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