The Higashiyama Zoo in Nagoya has seen a dramatic increase in female visitors over the last few years, who are said to be flocking to get a glimpse at the zoo’s most famous resident.

Shabani the gorilla, more affectionately known in Japanese as “ikemen (“extremely good-looking man”) gorilla,” has been attracting visitors with his model-like demeanor since relocating from Australia in 2007. He is regularly seen striking a pose for his mostly female onlookers, appearing natural and relaxed with his dynamic, emotional range of front-on and backward glances.

According to Shabani-enthusiast Keiko Adachi, it was the primate’s “sexy sidelong glance” that left the greatest impression on her.

“I only wish he could talk so I knew what type of woman he finds attractive, and if he likes to exercise to keep good-looking,” said Adachi.

Shabani currently lives with his wife, Nene, and two sons.

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