B-fit[Special Promotion] Achieve inner and outer beauty by giving the attention your body so greatly needs and deserves. Step into B-FIT, where highly-experienced staff provide exclusively tailored, one-on-one personal training. B-FIT provides highly-effective and original sessions focused on corrective exercises to help your body achieve its optimal workout potential. Additionally, B-FIT provide services in deep-tissue therapeutic massage and stretching techniques designed to build stamina, reduce pain, and improve muscle function and proprioceptive awareness. Bilingual trainers will assist you to achieve greater physical results, as well gain a greater sense of inner spiritual beauty. Corrective exercises, circuit training, kick boxing and more! Call today to make an appointment for a free consultation and let B-FIT help you be your best self!

Enrolment fee ¥100,000 → ¥0
First consultation free
2/week 70 min x 16 session course ¥288,000 → ¥98,000 ( 60 minute personal training + 10 min personal stretch )

* Must mention Metropolis.
* Offer valid until end of February.


Plaza Azabu 202, 1-2-16 Mita, Minato-ku.
Phone: (03) 6435-3399. Mon-Fri, 7am-11pm; Sat-Sun & hols 9am-8pm.
Nearest station: Azabu-juban.
Email: info@b-fitazabu.com


Carmel 403, 8-3-32 Nishi Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku.
Phone: (03) 6270-3828. Mon-Fri, 7am-11pm; Sat-Sun & hols 9am-8pm.
Nearest station: Nishi Shinjuku.