Looking for new styles to carry you into summer? These eight shops will have you looking dapper from head to toe with fashions and jewelry that are just your type.




location Meguro

casuca-01 casuca-02Founded in 2007, jewelry brand Casuca then opened its first flagship store in Meguro in 2011. They  specialize in making unique pieces of 18K gold, with every scratch and form particular to its maker. Each chain is crafted by an original cut to sparkle brighter than normal chains. Designer Tomoko Yasuno is a renowned clothing director and stylist trusted by Japan’s first lady, athletes, and various actresses. Casuca’s jewelry is as delicate as natural materials like silk or cashmere. So delicate, in fact, that you may even forget you are wearing it! Tomoko Yasuno’s signature design style allows her jewelry to shine and capture the attention of others. Casuca entrusts its jewelry with the task of passing on a symbol of hope to future generations, for a world that will continue to burn steadily but brightly.

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casuca1-23-15 Meguro, Meguro-ku. Tel: 03-5759-3309. Open Tue-Sun 11:30am-8pm. Closed Mon. Nearest station: Meguro. E-mail:



ileava & co.

location Harajuku

ileava-01 ileava-02Ileava & co. is home to ileava jewelry, known for their signature ring, the Hug Bear Ring—a teddy bear that hugs your finger. It is also home to eclectic handmade jewelry made by designers that Maya Nishimura encountered in the U.S. and Japan. From casual everyday jewelry to delicate gold and diamond jewelry, ileava & co. offers more than 500 fun, creative, and unique items that are all handmade. Ileava & co. has an at-home feel where you can relax and find just the right item, whether for yourself, a birthday gift, or simply something “made in Japan.” Additionally, you can consult directly with Maya on custom designs for engagements, weddings, anniversaries, or other special occasions. The store is located in central Tokyo, easily accessible from Harajuku, Shibuya, Meiji-Jingūmae, and Omotesando stations, and ileava & co. also offers bilingual, tax-free service. So, overseas travelers, be sure to bring your passport!

ileava5-21-22 Jingumae Shibuya-ku. Tel: 03-3409-5353. Open Thu-Tue 11am-8pm. Closed Wed. Nearest station: Harajuku, Shibuya, Meiji-Jingūmae, or Omotesando. Twitter: @ileava. Instagram: @ileava @ileava_and_co. Facebook: ileava jewelry / ileava & co.



Kinnomise Chugai Kogyo

location Yokohama

kinnomise-01At Kinnomise, high-quality jewelry is always provided at an affordable cost. Based on high-quality appraisement, the refining company behind Kinnomise Chugai Kogyo, Loja de Ouro “Kinnomise,” has been trusted by our customers for more than 83 years. They offer valuable used jewelry, gold coins, and platinum coins—as well as Japanese craft works—at reasonable prices. Kinnomise Chugai Kogyo is also a great place to find the best Japanese souvenirs. In addition to selling, they also purchase unneeded gold, platinum, or silver goods at high prices—even if your items are broken or discolored. If you are unsure of the quality of your items, their machine will scan and check it for you. All appraisals are free of charge. The store is located near Yokohama’s Chinatown, so drop by if you are ever in the area!

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  • When selling items, get an additional ¥10 per gram over our regular offer

kinnomise-chugaiKayama Bldg 1F, 1-14-3 Ishikawa-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama. Tel: 0120-5610-68. Open 10am-6:30pm (Closed Sun and Mon). Nearest station: Ishikawacho (Keihin Tohoku Line).



Kesher Shalom

location Omotesando

kesher-shalom-02 kesher-shalom-01Kesher Shalom is a shop filled with select costume jewelry that is created by unique and richly-talented designers from all over the world, including Japan. These designers craft these items using high-quality materials such as gold, silver and gemstones. The rich designs portray the characteristics of each region, providing a collection that embodies mature beauty. The shop is located in Omotesandō, known as a center of fashion in Tokyo, and the shop’s atmosphere allows you to feel the unique world-view of the creators. Kesher Shalom will introduce you to the charm of high-quality costume jewelry, and the shop serves as a connection between you and the designers. Every time you wear an accessory you choose from Kesher Shalom, it will bring a new essence to your fashion. Visit to find your “my one and only” accessory.

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kesher-shalomNishino Bldg 1F, 3-8-39 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku. Tel: 03-5775-3264. Open 11am-7pm. Nearest station: Omotesando. E-mail:



Tokyo Pearl

location Ginza

tokyo-pearl-01 tokyo-pearl-02Pearl jewelry has been used as personal decoration in diverse civilizations since ancient times, and it remains an instantly recognizable sign of taste and class. But buying pearls as a thoughtful gift for a loved one need not break the bank. Tokyo Pearl’s upscale location in the high-end neighborhood of Ginza is matched only by its variety of wonderful designs. The iridescent spheres are placed by skilled artisans in a range of settings, including rings, necklaces, and earrings. But the quality of the goods and the fancy environs should not scare off any potential buyers on a budget. Visit their website or step into the store itself to talk with experts and find something that fits your purpose, taste, and desired price.

Special offer

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  • Bring your passport for duty-free service

tokyo-pearl6-16-3 Ginza, Chuo-ku. Tel: 0120-008-670 (toll-free). Open Wed-Mon 11am-7pm, Closed Tue & hols. Nearest station: Higashi-Ginza.




location Various

bingo-02 ileava-01Managed by Japan’s leading used bookstore chain BookOff, Bingo handles a variety of used clothing, accessories, watches, and brand bags. As you would expect from Japan’s culture of handling objects with delicate care, the clothes and bags in stores are all in great condition.

If you have an interest in products “Made in Japan,” then why not “Used in Japan” as well? Bingo Shibuya Center-Gai mainly handles men’s fashion, with 20,000 product lines. They have various sizes, and t-shirts that start from ¥500. English-speaking staff are on hand to assist you, and tax-free service is available. Bingo near Omori Station West Exit handles clothes and various brand bags such as Louis Vuitton. The access is great, being just 20 minutes by train from Haneda Airport International Terminal Station. If you are planning to buy brand bags, this is the place! And at both stores, you’ll find high-quality products that do not look used. You’re sure to have a memorable purchase here.

bingo-shibuyaBingo Shibuya Center-Gai Branch
Men’s and Ladies’ Fashion, Watches

B1F 32-12 Udagawacho, Shibuya-ku Tel: 03-5428-4809. Open 11am-10pm.

Bingo Omori Station Branch
Men’s and Ladies’ Fashion, Brand Bags, Watches, Jewelry

4F 2-4-1 Sanno, Ota-ku. Tel: 03-5743-7553. Open 10am-9pm.



Loud Garden

location Gaiemmae

loud-garden-01 loud-garden-02At Loud Garden, you can get very exciting, perfect-fitting clothes. It’s a special place where sensitivity is stimulated. In fact, a lot of people say Loud Garden is the most exciting tailor in Japan! Since creative director Ryoji Okada studied at the classic British label Gieves & Hawkes about twenty years ago, and exhibited his avant-garde collection in Italy until three years ago, his made-to-measure clothes are very stylish and emotional. That’s why a lot of musicians, actors, photographers, and executives with rock-and-roll minds love his clothes. If you’re looking for very special attire, a visit to Loud Garden is a must. They make suits, jackets, overcoats, shirts, neckties, trousers, skirts, belts, shoes and more. Because they see sustainability as something important, aftercare is provided carefully as well, and they offer alterations for your clothes. Stop by to experience the atmosphere! They speak English, German, and Japanese.

Special offer

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Prices (8 percent tax not included)

  • Suit from ¥80,000
  • Jacket from ¥64,000
  • Overcoat from ¥100,000
  • Shirt from ¥8,900
  • Necktie from ¥11,000
  • Belt from ¥13,000

loudgardenCentral Aoyama 1F, 4-1-3 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku. Nearest station: Gaiemmae. Open Mon, Tue, Fri 12pm-8pm; Sat, Sun 11am-8pm; Closed Wed & Thu. Tel: 03-6438-9563. E-mail:




location Shibuya

sakazen-01 sakazen-02Tired of trying on that classy shirt only to find that your physique defies Japanese clothing sizes? Maybe you gave up trying a long time ago. Help is at hand in the heart of Shibuya. Sakazen is the perfect place for guys to jump into a cool new wardrobe for the hot summer months. Offering everything from casual clothing to formal suits, the shop specializes in fashion for big-and-tall men, and also stocks regular sizes—which means there’s something for everyone. Their summer-long sale (on until the end of August) has gentlemen’s casual and business wear at up to 70 percent off. Suits with an extra pair of pants can be had for just ¥19,000 (reg. ¥49,000), or business jackets for ¥10,000 (reg. ¥29,000). World-famous brands including Versace, Armani, and Hugo Boss are available at great prices–and in just your size. So forget flying home to replenish your closet, head to Shibuya and suit up!

Special offer

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sakazen29-4 Udagawacho, Shibuya-ku. Tel: 03-3770-1641. Open daily 11am-9:30pm. Nearest station: Shibuya.