Ginza, the most upscale neighborhood in Tokyo, never disappoints with its glamour and flamboyance. With land prices hitting ¥50 million per square feet (almost 100 times the national average) and shops boasting all the leading fashion brands, Ginza has become synonymous with wealth and prosperity.

So it’s befitting of Ginza Six, the largest shopping complex in the district, to celebrate its first anniversary with pizzazz. The Ginza Six 1st Anniversary event, which runs from April 2nd to May 6th, is packed with art exhibitions and shopping opportunities especially curated for the occasion.

The highlight of the anniversary is the new art installation by French conceptual artist Daniel Buren. Buren’s Like a flock of starlings: Work in situ is made from 1500 red and blue flags which will hang from the ceiling of the Ginza Six central atrium. Yayoi Kusama’s polka-dotted installation Kabocha had occupied the spot since the complex’s opening until it was taken down on March 21st. Buren’s installation will be unveiled on April 2nd, along with flags of similar design adorning the lampposts along Chuo-dori, the main street of Ginza.

Ginza Six is home to the Kanze noh troupe, led by the 26th generation master Kiyokazu Kanze. The troupe usually performs in the Kanze Noh Theater located on B3 but they will be putting on a special performance at the Ginza Six Rooftop Garden on May 4th and 5th. It will be the first time that Ginza Six hosts a noh performance on its rooftop. For a more hands-on experience, visit the Kanze Noh Theater before the performances for “family noh workshops” where children and parents can learn noh songs and dances.

Individual shops inside the complex will also be holding their own commemorative art events. For example, Kimono store OKANO will be inviting contemporary artist Miwa Komatsu for a live painting performance, and camera manufacturer Leica will host exhibits of photographs taken with their cameras.

In addition to art performances and exhibits, select shops such as watchmaker CITIZEN, fashion house KENZO and luxury copperware store Gyokusendo, will also be offering limited-edition merchandise to commemorate the anniversary.

Noh rooftop performances: May 4–5, starts 6pm.
Family noh workshops: May 4–5, 1pm–2pm, 3pm–4pm.