With a new year comes new challenges. Eager to gain some muscles or curious to try out self-defense? Look no further as Metropolis lists the hottest gym options this winter.


The Body Ride Roppongi workout

THE BODY RIDE is a luxurious high-end personal training gym located near Midtown in Roppongi. The gym consults with guests who struggle to maintain a regular training regime and strongly believes that workouts should be a sustainable habit rather than a short-term diet. Unlike other normal personal training gyms, which focus mainly on dietary restrictions, THE BODY RIDE approaches body conditioning in a different way to make it sustainable. Trainers spend time understanding what each guest would like to achieve with THE BODY RIDE and come up with a tailor-made goal and plan for success. The in-house fitness machines include a wide variety of the latest flagship models by TECHNO GYM. This offers many different training experiences so guests can continue to enjoy their workouts without getting bored. Guests can relax in their own private shower room before and after a training session. Lastly and most importantly, trainers consistently support each guest to achieve goals together. Now with a new English-speaking trainer, THE BODY RIDE is pleased to offer services to English-speaking guests.

Special offers
Free trial training session (reg. ¥4,000) and free admission (reg. ¥50,000) for Metropolis readers (valid until 31 Jan 2020).

2F Roppongi International Bldg, 7-3-12, Roppongi, Minato-ku
Stations: Roppongi and Nogizaka
Tel: 03-6455-5554
7am-10pm. Closed Dec 28 to Jan 3
Please fill in a reservation form on the homepage.




Gold's Gym

December is filled with parties and food. It makes for a perfect month of celebration, but when January starts it’s time to turn over a new leaf and start burning off that holiday padding. With a network of over 700 gyms in 30 countries, Gold’s Gym has become synonymous with weight training. And with 90 locations across Japan — including in Shibuya, Omotesando and Ginza — the global favorite fits perfectly into your schedule. Most are open from early in the morning until late at night — and Harajuku, Oimachi, Ginza, Gyotuku, Atsugi, Fuchu, Nishi-Kasai, Hikifune and Omiya are open 24 hours — so you can train stress-free anytime. A variety of traditional and modern equipment is available, all suitable for both beginners and experienced lifters. Plus, the Japanese locations feature as many free weights as you’d find in any U.S. gym. Make a fresh start in 2020 with the help of Gold’s Gym!

Special offer
Drop-in session only ¥1,100 for Metropolis readers (one session per person, passport ID required, valid until Jan 31, 2020). Available only at the Harajuku branch.
*Inside shoes required .

Gold’s Gym Harajuku 4F/3F/B2F Velox Bldg, 6-31-17 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku
Stations: Meiji-Jingumae & Harajuku
Tel: 03-5766-3131
24h | closed Sun 8pm – Mon 7am and every third Mon





At MagaGym, you can learn Krav Maga, the renowned self-defense system developed by the Israeli military that has become so popular that it’s used by the FBI and SWAT teams across America. MagaGym’s highly skilled black belt instructors will teach you how to defend yourself in a calm and focused way, through intense and oftentimes fun training programs. Krav Maga is built around our body’s natural human reflexes, and teaches students of all ages, genders, and body types to defend themselves in real-world situations. MagaGym’s fitness curriculum also incorporates heavy bag workouts and trunk training TRX exercises, which are great for keeping fit. So if you’re looking to change your body and change your life, visit MagaGym, with locations three minutes from Roppongi Station and four minutes from Akasaka or Akasaka-Mitsuke Station.

Special offers
¥1,080 discount on all memberships for ladies.
Mention Metropolis for free admission (reg. ¥10,800) if you sign up for membership on your trial class day (valid until Feb 2020).

Standard: ¥14,500/month (14 days per month)
Light: ¥11,500/month (5 days per month)
Daytime: (Mon-Fri) ¥9,500/month
Each course has up to 2 classes per day
*Tax not included

4F Arrow Bldg, 3-14-7 Roppongi, Minato-ku
Akasaka HM Bldg. B1F, 3-7-13 Akasaka, Minato-ku
Stations: R
oppongi & Akasaka
Mon-Fri 10:30am–10:30pm, Sat & Sun 9:30am–3:30pm
Tel: 03-6432-97947