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Harbor Circuit

Racing towards a good time



[Sponsored] When Harbor Circuit kindly invited the editorial team of this publication to their indoor kart track, located in Chuo-ku, Chiba, the team could not resist the offer. Who wouldn’t want to escape their desk for a couple of hours to spin around on a go-kart track? It was an easy choice to make, so, on a hot, sunny day in July, four members of this editorial team went on a field trip. 

Harbor Circuit is located inside Chiba Sports Plaza, where you’ll also find tennis courts, a bowling alley and a gaming center. On the second floor of the building, you’ll find the expansive karting track, complete with hairpin turns, a tunnel and a raised bank.     

Upon arrival, the editorial team was greeted by Harbor Circuit staff who gave a thorough safety briefing. While it is not necessary to have a driver’s license to enjoy go-karting at Harbor Circuit, where thrill-seekers of all skill level are welcome, safety is a real concern and the friendly staff covers all the basics to ensure a safe, fun time for everyone. The editorial team was given full-face helmets and balaclavas, and the team was now ready to race.

It might be easy to imagine go-karting and other motorsports as a somewhat passive activity. After all, you sit in a vehicle and for the most part, your body remains static — different to how running or swimming or tennis can get your heart rate going. This is a common misconception, according to Mr. Taira, the manager of Harbor Circuit, who says that people don’t often realize how physical karting is until they try it for themselves.

This was certainly the case for the editorial team, who were caught off guard by the physicality of karting. Drifting around corners in the surprisingly fast karts require drivers to be agile and responsive. It is a high-intensity experience, though you always feel safe; the staff can remotely engage the kill switch of all the karts if things go amiss. In any case, after several laps, the members of the editorial team left the track panting like they had run a marathon, hands shaking from adrenaline.


For those looking to battle it out on the track with a group of five or more, comprehensive, tournament-style races are available, so be sure to check out the Harbor Circuit website for more information. Go-karting is the perfect group activity, suitable for all age groups, and since it is also possible to hire the whole track by the hour, Harbor Circuit is popular for birthday parties and office functions — like Christmas get-togethers and farewells, and as a team bonding activity.

For this editorial team, there is no question of where to go for this year’s end-of-year party.

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