It’s In The Stars Weekly Horoscope 

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Horoscope May 26 – June 2

March 20 – April 18


Ideas and latitude arrive. Chiron remains in Aries. What was undone continues to be restored. Many of the planets are in your income sector. This creates solid footing, even with Uranus initiating changes. Jupiter has entered this area, making everything larger. This planet works to increase your material position. You’ll move fast as luck follows the choices you make.   

April 19 – May 19


Once every twelve years luck from the stars comes to you in a big way. Jupiter, planet of expansion, has entered your sign. It is known for optimism and generosity. You are looked upon favorably by the cosmos. This transit lasts about a year. What you do with it is your choice. Opportunities tend to come fast and furious. You will be transformed in a personal way.

May 20– June 20


The Sun is in your sign. Happy Birthday! Juno is in Gemini too. This goddess asteroid encourages spending time with your soulmate. She influences bringing them into your life. If you haven’t found them, they are likely to find you (beware of imposters). Mars energizes your week. Connections move quickly. There’s heart to decisions that make an impact.

June 21 – July 21


As you make your way through each day, you may sense Venus in your sign. This goddess of love, luxury, and beauty brings it all into your personal sphere. At the same time, Jupiter has entered your friendship sector. Added to the changeable and chatty influence of Uranus, Vesta, and Mercury, you could have a fun and rewarding week. Now is not the time to go into hiding.

July 22 – August 22


Mars in early Leo means energy is everywhere, especially for you. Whatever you set your sights on, you can reach. There is more inner strength to pull from, even if you’re not expecting it. Jupiter is a planet that is both generous and optimistic. It has just moved to your career sector, encouraging opportunities and making things larger. In this expansive mode, it’s all easy. 

August 23 – September 21


Venus, goddess of love, luxury, and beauty, can make your solar eleventh house fluffy and plush. This sector governs your friendships and deepest desires. This planet has a way of upgrading whatever you touch. Jupiter has just entered your arena of travel and enlightenment. Want to take a trip? Actual or virtual, you have time to uncover your most comfortable keys to success.

September 22 – October 22


Your ruling planet is Venus. This goddess scoots around the solar system, gifting others and enhancing beauty wherever she goes. With her celestial influence, you may have noticed you have an eye for what is valuable. You may also be tempted to bring some of it home. Right now, Venus is in your solar tenth house. A personal upgrade is the order of the day in your career.

October 23 – November 21


The majority of planets are in your solar seventh house. This governs long-term relationships. You don’t have to be in one to receive the benefits that are offered. Uranus, Vesta, and Mercury are traveling through this sector of your chart. Jupiter has just entered. Changes and surprises can work to your advantage. You may even be delighted with the expansion Jupiter could bring.  

November 22 – December 20


Sagittarians have a way of seeing far beyond the horizon. It’s no coincidence that your symbol is the Archer. Your arrows really do want to reach to the stars. This includes the improvements you create at home and in your career. While your enthusiasm is boundless, you must let yourself rest. Ruling planet Jupiter has just entered your work sector. Be busy, then run for the fun. 

December 21 – January 18


You’re in the clear, but your solar fifth house may grab you. Whether you’ve succumbed to Uranus, Vesta, and Mercury, you’re about to have yet another influence. Jupiter, which makes everything larger, has just entered this sector of your chart. It’s about love affairs, nurturing your creative spirit, and taking care of children. How will you fit all of this into your schedule?

January 19 – February 17


Pluto moved into your sign in early May. You are right on the verge of some major transformations. They’re for you personally yet will affect every part of your life. The strength and insistence on change is growing. This planet of renewal tends to reverse what hasn’t been working. You may benefit beyond your expectations. Get ready for your own sense of power.  

February 18-March 19


This is a week to stop and breathe in beauty. Enjoying what nature offers is worth so much. You may notice highs and lows as the weather brightens, clouds over, then comes back. It’s easy to tune in with what holds power. Joyful moments are about to expand for you. Jupiter has moved into your solar third house. Conversations carry an optimistic tone. Your spirit lifts just in time.

Illustrations by wynettaceasarani