Kagaya has been a pillar of the Shinjuku community since it first opened its doors on April 20, 1962—providing relaxation and comfort to all who wander in. And it’s no coincidence that Kagaya has remained for such a long time: customers know and trust it as Tokyo’s premiere one-stop shop for all of your needs. But it’s more than a smoking shop. With prices ranging from ¥50-1,000,000, Kagaya provide an extensive variety of items including pipes, lighters, watches, electronic cigarettes, knives, malt whiskies, fragrance products, and many more.


At Kagaya, quality is priority number one. All products are carefully selected by their globetrotting store manager, who makes regular visits to countries such as Switzerland, England, France, and Australia to carefully handpick the finest accessories on offer. In fact, many of the products at Kagaya can’t be found anywhere else in Japan, with unique items including antique glasses, vintage calendars, and lighters literally fit for royalty. (Some dating as far back as 1910, when European aristocrats had them custom made). At Kagaya, you’ll feel as though you’ve stepped into a museum—so be sure to clear your calendar because you’ll spend hours browsing!


And of course Kagaya is fully stocked with all numbers of high-quality smoking accessories. Their wide variety of pipes includes well-known brands such as the Japan-made Roland, from Fukashiro, and Ikebana, from the renowned Tsuge line. They also stock numerous handmade pipes from abroad, ranging from vintage pipes to brand-named varieties including Stanwell, Butz-Choquin, and Peterson. And the buck doesn’t stop there: Kagaya provides an extensive range of hookahs, bongs, herbal vaporizers, and other vape items.


Since 1932, the American lighter company Zippo has been the standard bearer for high-quality lighters. And Kagaya has you well covered, with options ranging from standard to vintage varieties, including the famous military “Vietnam Zippo.” Kagaya also stocks hundreds of other lighters—including seasonal lighters—and provides engraving services to boot!

In addition to their flagship Shinjuku store, Kagaya operates the recently opened TABAC FONTE, located in Yokosuka; as well as an adjacent second Shinjuku store that specializes in vape and hookah products.

So visit a store today and satisfy all of your senses. Kagaya has you covered!

Shinjuku Kagaya & Kagaya 2nd. Kinokuniya Bldg 1F. 3-17-7 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku. Open daily, 10:30am-8pm. Nearest Station: Shinjuku. Tel: (03) 3352-3689. Fax: (03) 3355-4864. www.kagaya-smokeweb.com.

TABAC FONTE. Shoppers Plaza Yokosuka 2F. 2-1-12 Yokosuka Honcho, Kanagawa prefecture. Open daily, 9am-9pm. Nearest Station: Shioiri. Tel/Fax: (046) 821-2247. www.kagaya-smokeweb.com.