In a fast-paced city like Tokyo, it’s increasingly stressful to juggle your professional life, home life and social life. Japan has one of the longest average working hours in the world and has consistently been ranked as the nation averaging with the lowest amount of sleep per night. On top of these pressures, managing household chores can be even more of a challenge, and something we’d all prefer to be out of the way. But you don’t have to do it all alone.

The name itself embodies the service, being a combination of the Japanese “kurashi” (“to live”) and the Tagalog “ngiti” (“smile”). Pasona launched Kurashinity to create an exceptional, efficient housekeeping service that provides staff who work by the hour to clean your home to the highest standards by following the Japanese philosophy of hospitality, omotenashi. This concept is a deep-rooted part of Japanese culture meaning to wholeheartedly take care of guests. For our housekeepers, this means paying attention to details, putting clients’ needs and preferences first and working with the utmost sincerity to provide outstanding service and hospitality.

Kurashinity Housekeeping

Starting from cleaning the main parts of your home such as the bathroom, kitchen, toilet, living and bedrooms, our staff can do all your household work on your behalf so that you can focus on enjoying your home and free time. The cleaning procedures include dusting, vacuuming and taking out the trash. Upon your request, we can also clean your yard and veranda ready for you to enjoy the cooler weather. Aside from the basic cleaning, we can make your bed and wash, fold and iron your laundry. In addition, our housekeepers go beyond cleaning duties and are able to set your tables for parties, assist you with grocery shopping and can even teach you how to clean your Japanese home.

As a leading human resource enterprise, we at Pasona carefully select all our English-speaking Filipino housekeepers and develop and provide high-caliber training programs for them. All our staff hold Philippine government certified qualifications and are experienced working overseas and in Japan. Additionally, all have at least 400 hours of training prior to coming to Japan, which not only involves Japanese housekeeping, but also Japanese language and culture education. Even after their arrival, staff are continuously undertaking further training based on Pasona’s “Housekeeping Meister Program”. During this time, they specialize in Japanese hospitality and table setting. With all this is mind, you can feel rest-assured that the staff who are assigned to your home are highly skilled and suitable for the role.

Kurashinity Housekeeping

Our bilingual customer center is also available both in English and Japanese to provide excellent support for service applications, contract signing and any further inquiries. Service requests can also be handled directly through Pasona, so there will be no difficulties in training your housekeeper in a new task or communicating with them. Prices start from ¥54,600 (tax not included) for a 3.5 hour service session once a week, totaling 4 times a month.

Service process:
1. Register online/call
2. Schedule initial visit to your house
3. Conduct initial visit
4. Sign contract
5. Start of regular service

We are now running the campaign offering a “First Time Trial Plan” for a price of ¥3,000 (usually ¥5,000).

Areas: Tokyo and Kanagawa (Yokohama, Kawasaki)

Tel: 0120-700-809. E-mail: