Come watch the only Latin American musical in Japan! Latino Americando is a unique two-and-a-half-hour show with 19 music genres from the countries of Latin America and showcasing over 90 Latin American and Japanese artists. A rare opportunity to enjoy the spicy music and rich culture Latin America is famous for, this November 25th at Meguro Persimmon Hall.



Latino Americando tells the history of the Latin American region through music. Dancers and a narrator will be accompanied by an orchestra to tell the story.

“Latino Americando” is a phrase coined from two concepts. First, it is the name of the collected lands of Latin America, encompassing Mexico, Central America, and South America. But more than that, it represents the many and diverse cultures shared by the people of that large region.

Secondly, the Spanish ending “-ando” represents the appearance of change, used for an action that is continuing. Therefore, “Latino Americando” means that “we are making Latin America now.” Whether consciously or unconsciously, there are many people in Japan that are, in some form, protecting and spreading the culture of Latin America. From the musician who plays Latin American music, the diplomat who builds relationships between countries, the factory worker, the mother who teaches Spanish to her children while encouraging them to be a part of Japanese society–in other words, all of these people in Japan are helping to create Latin America through jobs, education and culture.

See how Latin America is created in Japan, with this collaboration between Latin American and Japanese artists on November 25th.

Special guest Alberto Shiroma will be the host and narrator.



November 25. Doors open 4pm for exhibition and food tasting. Show begins 6:40pm. ¥4,000 yen. Meguro Persimmon Hall. 1-1-1 Yakumo, Meguro-ku (inside Meguro Citizens Campus). Nearest station: Toritsudaigaku.

Please email for reservations. Tickets will be held at the reception desk, and paid for at the time of event.

Free gift with ticket: The newly released book, “Latin America no Aji – Karada ni Iimono Saihakken (The Taste of Latin America – A Discovery of Healthy Food).” A recipe book of superfoods from Central and South America.




Twitter: @latamJP