nippi cafe ginza

nippi cafe ginza

Tokyo's first collagen cafe arrives in Ginza


The craze for cosmetic lines and beauty services has been around for years, but it’s only recently that Tokyo has been introduced to the next skin-smoothing trend: collagen cafes. At the forefront of this latest trend, nippi cafe ginza is inconspicuously nestled among the myriad of eateries in Tokyo’s upscale neighborhood Ginza, providing a peaceful hideaway with a collagen-enriched menu to give your body a youthful boost.

With a spotlight on beauty and health in urban life, nippi cafe ginza opened its doors in early March 2021. The cafe’s launch is initiated by the esteemed Nippi Collagen, a cosmetic and skincare company that has distributed popular collagen products and supplements (Nippi Collagen 100) to the Japanese market for more than 20 years.

Collagen itself plays a primary role in maintaining skin elasticity and hydration, but your body slows down its production as it ages. Many people have recently turned to powder or capsule supplements to help slow the aging process and reduce wrinkles. 

nippi cafe ginza is a collaboration between Nippi Collagen and Cafe Wakabado

Inside, the cafe’s interior is adorned with earth-toned furniture, and its wide-open doors and large glass windows warmly welcome guests. Its minimal ornaments mute any overwhelming grandeur and allow for a homey ambiance, emulating the intimacy and old-school nostalgia you’d find in a traditional Japanese kissaten (tearoom and coffee shop). The tasteful decor also features a semi-open kitchen and a small bar that showcases the cafe’s original cocktails. 

Collagen products and supplements are known to help slow down aging and boost hydration

Embodying the concept of “Japanese quality and hospitality,” nippi cafe ginza is collaborating with the popular lunch spot Cafe Wakabado in Kita-senju to procure an array of savory and sweet options that incorporate the ever-growing-demand powder collagen.

Japanese-style hot pot “nabe gozen” (¥1,350)

Nippi cafe ginza’s original menu features seasonal and top-notch ingredients for well-balanced dishes. The warm and hearty “nabe gozen” (¥1,350) has all the charm of a traditional Japanese dining experience with its soy milk and dashi-based broth and tofu. The “nippi curry” (¥1,200) is another signature dish, with mouthwateringly tender beef slow-cooked over three days to overflow your taste buds with umami flavor. 

“Nippi muffin” with blueberries, strawberries and white chocolate

While its main course menu is exquisite, the pastries are just as decadent. Using its in-house collagen powder,  nippi cafe ginza’s collection of sweet treats does not only satisfy your sugar cravings but are also refreshingly healthy for your body and skin. The “nippi scones” (¥450 for dine-in and ¥400 for take-out) are one of the cafe’s highlights, kneaded with a generous amount of cranberries and chocolate chunks. The “nippi muffin” (¥450 for dine-in and ¥400 for take-out) is another must-try, paired perfectly with a cup of nippi cafe ginza’s original coffee or chai latte blends (¥750).

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The collagen cola (コラコーラ) is the quintessential drink to order for a full commitment to the drink-and-dine experience. An original, healthy take on the classic sugary beverage, the drink is made from 10 kinds of spices such as cinnamon and vanilla beans with, of course, collagen.

The collagen cafe will also regularly host talks and seminars on female inquisitiveness and beauty. A stylish yet laid-back eatery, nippi cafe ginza is set to be the latest go-to destination for the health-conscious, beauty enthusiasts out there. 

nippi cafe ginza (ニッピカフェ銀座)
1st-floor Takataka Building
2-3-18 Ginza, Chuo-ku,

Takeout options are available

Opening hours: 11:30 am – 8 pm*
Lunch hours: 11:30 am – 4 pm
*Due to the ongoing situation with the COVID-19 and the state of emergency, opening hours are subject to change. Kindly visit the official website for the latest news and updates.