Salon Bon Bon

Salon Bon Bon

International hair salon specializing in the dry cut technique, Japanese hair straightening and coloring


From New York to Tokyo, owner and stylist of Salon Bon Bon Yoshiko Kubo has a kaleidoscope of experiences that laid the foundation for her hair salon. The cozy international hair salon is conveniently located just a five-minute walk from Nippori station, near the center of Tokyo. 

Salon Bon Bon is run single-handedly by Kubo, and is a small yet sophisticated shop where you can indulge in a sense of privacy. Kubo attentively accommodates each customers’ needs, including catering for children, and also welcomes foreign clients as she speaks excellent English thanks to her years abroad. 

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Kubo was born and raised in Kumamoto, where she started working in hair salons in her hometown. She moved to New York in 1997, where she found her inspiration as a hairstylist and worked there for over 20 years. She was sought out by many models and celebrities, including actress Mary Tyler Moore. She also gained quite the popularity through her styling techniques, gaining media attention for her hair straightening technology adored by her clients. 

Kubo’s specialities are mainly focused on the dry cut technique, Japanese hair straightening and hair coloring. The dry cut technique was originally invented by John Sahag, from the John Sahag workshop in New York. Kubo worked at the John Sahag workshop for a few years, perfecting her skills there. She inherited the dry cut technique by learning directly from stylist Eiji Yamane, who was working with Sahag for over a decade. This method is known to be the most accurate technique in cutting hair by creating the desired hairstyle for the individual. Through cutting your hair while it’s dry, it can create an ideal shape that’s both easy to style and to maintain. Even as it grows out, it will still retain its stylish appearance. 

Salon, hair dresser, stylist, Japan, hair salon, Tokyo, Nippori

The salon’s other speciality of Japanese hair straightening is perfect for fixing frizzy and unruly hair, transforming it to make it straight and sleek. Kubo holds quite the reputation when it comes to hair straightening, with over two decades of experience and many satisfied clients (and media attention) to vouch for her. She has her own technique that creates a natural look and can save time in your mornings, so that you will only require a minimal five minutes to set your hair — which can be life changing. As if that wasn’t enough, you don’t need to worry about your hair being damaged, as the treatment has a special conditioning protein that hydrates your hair so that it’ll become healthier and stronger.

Kubo is also a talented hair colorist, working with various hair types throughout her career. Whether it is highlighting, a balayage, or regular coloring (single and double process), she will be able to work with you. As a highly knowledgeable stylist, she’s confident she can to meet your needs to help you get your ideal hair. 

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5-40-2 1F Higashinippori Arakawa-ku
Nearest station: Nippori