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[Sponsored] The year 2016 saw more than 3,000 marathons and 1,200 bike races hosted across Japan. However, from Okinawa to Hokkaido, only 5% of these events had any information communicated in English. In fact, outside of major events like the Tokyo Marathon or the ITU Yokohama Triathlon, finding information on, and registering for, sports events can be at best, time-consuming, and at worst, impenetrable for those without Japanese fluency. Those who have tried know that even if they manage to discover an event and navigate the initial registration form, they’re often then inundated by an avalanche of emails and paper communications explaining rules and important details, exclusively in Japanese.


Enter Samurai Sports. Committed to providing access to an active lifestyle in Japan, regardless of Japanese language ability, they aim to be a one-stop shop for sporting events throughout the country. Many active people in Japan may not even be aware of the breadth of events they may be missing out on!

The search function on the website allows interested runners, cyclists, swimmers and even hobby hikers to search for activities and events by both category and location. After registering with Samurai Sports, they become the main point of contact for everything related to the event. They assist in registration and providing up-to-date event information, all in English, handling all the details so athletes can just focus on what they enjoy – without the stress of wondering if there’s something they’ve missed or misunderstood. And they’re available by email or phone, to assist with any questions or concerns leading up to the event.


However, sometimes registering for an event or learning the details isn’t the only headache. Getting to the event, storing gear, checking in, learning results etc. can all be little hassles that add up to enough reason to not want to participate at all. The folks at Samurai Sports have thought of this, and they’ll soon be rolling out a premium service called Samurai Support. In addition to their normal offerings, this top-class service can include support such as event transportation, access to the Samurai Sports tent and bag check, and even pre/post-event food and refreshments.

With their “soup to nuts” approach to providing access, Samurai Sports has removed the last barrier to those wishing to get out and experience some of the amazing sports events that Japan has to offer. Of course, those who use the language barrier as an excuse for not having a more active lifestyle may have to start looking for a better reason.

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