Fall is the season for kōyō (changing leaves) and indulging in good food—but fall one step behind, and you’ll miss it all. Timing is everything, and by using the suffix “-goro,” you’ll know exactly when to enjoy the beautiful sights and delicious bites!

JP: Kōyō no migoro wa itsu desu ka?

Food for thought

Food for thought (Photo via 123RF)

EN: When will the fall leaves be at their best?

JP: Migoro wa jūichi gatsu no chūjun kara jūichi gatsu no gejun desu.

EN: They’ll be at their best from mid to late November.

JP: Ringo no tabegoro wa itsu desu ka?

EN: When will the apple be at its best to eat?

JP: Ringo no soko ga ki-iro ni nattara tabegoro desu.

EN: It’ll be at its best when the bottom of the apple turns yellow.