Japan has a profound and deeply embedded relationship with nature. From the seas that surround the Japanese archipelago to the lush forests and woods that run like a ravine throughout the country, nature is at the beating heart of the country. Water, naturally, plays a crucial role in a nation which values rice, nihonshu (Japanese rice wine) and seafood as culinary and cultural properties. It’s also no secret that the Japanese adore bathing. Sento (public baths), onsen (hot springs) and swimming are all part of the Japanese cultural makeup and something which makes Japan such an idiosyncratic country.

Japanese luxury bathing waburu ustech sento onsen

For 30 years USTECH, one of Japan’s most beloved and respected traditional bath and bathroom manufacturers with a focus on design and functional beauty, has been furnishing homes, hotels and an array of high-end spaces with state-of-the-art Japanese bathrooms. Utilizing hand-crafted quartz stone from the U.S. and Canada, USTECH’s range of baths from the Erabiso (fully custom-made baths) to the ERN series ([和] (Wa) concept standardized bathtub) and the much-vaunted WABURO (systemized unit bathrooms) have won over customers and industry influencers the world over with their focus on Japanese monozukuri (Japanese artisanship). In fact, the firm’s ERN series won a Cool Japan award in 2015, and the company was planning to show at the Milan Design Week Tokyo Award 2020 in the prestigious Milano Salone this year until its cancellation due to the current global situation.

This year, to celebrate the company’s 30th anniversary, USTECH is proud to release its new model launch for 2020. The WABURO QL Line is an opportunity to own a beautiful, hand-crafted, traditional Japanese bath for the home. The WABURO QL Line focuses on the idea of a design and consumer quantum leap (QL), with baths priced significantly lower than the regular WABURO bath. Luxurious, contemporary and affordable, the line is based around the concept of “pride of ownership” — the idea that customers should be proud of displaying this stunning piece of artisanship.

USTECH President and CEO Shigeru Uchiyama views the WABURO Line as a representation of kokoro (heart), spirit and healing in addition to embodying all the five senses. The bathrooms create the mesmerizing sight and sound of droplets of water emanating from the faucet, the relaxing aroma, the delicate touch of water as it envelops the skin, make these baths one of a kind; an indispensable addition to anybody’s residence.

USTECH’s newly launched WABURO QL Line merges design and practicality.

WABURO QL bathrooms are created with natural materials derived from Japanese cypress and granite and encapsulate the company’s mission to realize “a space of healing and relaxation,” incorporating a multitude of design possibilities so clients have the opportunity to create something unique for their own home.

USTECH is a company which takes pride in its services and products. A firm which places Japanese culture and creativity at the heart of its business. The WABURO QL Line is a direct reflection of the company’s values and vision to showcase the best and most beautiful that “Made in Japan” has to offer. The remarkable aesthetic of the WABURO bathrooms is testament to USTECH’s desire to heal and comfort its loyal customer base and the country as a whole.

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