Weekly Horoscope

Weekly Horoscope

January 11 – January 17


It’s In The Stars Weekly Horoscope 

♥Love    ¥Money    ♣Luck


March 20 – April 18

♥♥♥♥ ¥¥¥ ♣♣

While the planets go backstage for a costume change, there’s still plenty happening in your world. The Sun conjuncts Pluto. This means intensity galore, especially in your career. Someone may put you on a pedestal, or do just the opposite with a power play. You’re able to feel through the confusion to add your own clear thinking. Take your time when you choose to react.


April 19 – May 19

♥♥♥♥ ¥¥¥ ♣♣♣

Juno, the intimacy expert, is direct in Taurus. Time to get back to your cozy conundrum. Ceres opposes. A push-pull in relationships helps fine tune preferences. These goddesses want what’s best for you. This includes being comfortable! The Sun opposes the north node of the Moon. It’s only the second week of 2019. Yet there is so much to consider. As you let go, you gain.


May 20 – June 20

♥♥♥♥ ¥¥¥ ♣♣♣

What could have been a relatively quiet week may not be. Both Jupiter and Venus keep your mirror-image hopping. Then Mercury and Saturn run interference as the Sun conjuncts Pluto. Into your sector of psychological rebirth comes a sexy issue. You’re in a potential powerhouse phase with your career. Will you have to reschedule shared relationship events to stay on top?


June 21 – July 21

♥♥♥ ¥¥¥ ♣♣♣♣

If you view the position of planets, Cancer rests on one end of a teeter-totter. On the other side sit four heavy-hitters to displace you. Do you fly up and enjoy the view? Do you come down hard? The Sun and Pluto combine in this sector. Who makes your life move? Modest yet powerful, you are able to see outside influences. They won’t take you off your guard this week.


July 22 – August 22

♥♥♥♥♥ ¥¥¥ ♣♣

This week is a challenge. You’re called to see through power plays. The predominance of planets are in your work sector. This includes those who work for you, and volunteering within the  community. The Sun conjuncts Pluto in this area. Known as a fame aspect, the safest way through is not to take yourself too seriously. You will gain recognition and stature.


August 23 – September 21

♥♥ ¥¥¥¥ ♣♣♣

It’s easy to enjoy a path if the view is scenic, or the weather is great. While this week offers that, it also conjures up a few bumps in the road. As you’re watching to stay on track, the Sun conjuncts Pluto. It’s in your house of romance. This can result in a power play. If you don’t feel recognized, or are misunderstood, the mystical Moon’s north node brings compassion.


September 22 – October 22

♥♥♥ ¥¥¥ ♣♣♣♣

As you round the corner, you have a chance to hear yourself. Listening, your wisdom grows. With each step you take, you’re in touch with your inner guru. Pallas Athene in Libra may kick up a fuss. Patience is easily reached when you consider the stakes at risk. The Sun conjuncts Pluto. A power-player may cross your path. Connect with your higher self and breathe.


October 23 – November 21

♥♥♥ ¥¥¥¥ ♣♣♣

Ceres in Scorpio wants you to be comfortable, with food on the table and money in the bank. If you are offered a position that helps you feel secure, consider it. The respect you show others is returned tenfold. Jupiter squares Neptune. While good fortune and magical moments are part of the equation, you may have to push yourself to get to the next level. You can do it.


November 22 – December 20

♥♥♥♥ ¥¥¥ ♣♣♣

Simple pleasures are often best. As the final fire sign of the zodiac, you have a talent for infusing daily life with a philosophical approach. This week, the tactile, down-to-earth nitty gritty is more rewarding. What you can get your hands on, or sink your teeth into, lets you luxuriate in pure sensation. The Sun conjuncts Pluto. Someone powerful is about to enter your life. Is it you?


December 21 – January 18

♥♥♥ ¥¥¥ ♣♣♣♣

Feeling accomplished at the end of each day is rewarding. While you may not have time to dawdle, you won’t mind. The Sun conjuncts Pluto in your sign. True, the heavy hitters are all there, but Capricorn is made of the stuff that can take it. You don’t get the option of sinking into deep luxury this week. Punishment? No! It’s to keep you focused on the big picture.


January 19 – February 17

♥♥♥ ¥¥¥¥ ♣♣♣

Snuggled into the shadows of January, the majority of planets rest on one side of your chart. This means your energy is free and available to do with as you choose. You still have obligations, but they’re not as heavy as they’ve been. There are things you may have to do by yourself this week. The Sun conjuncts Pluto. This is a mastery aspect as you own your extensive authority.


February 18 – March 19

♥♥ ¥¥¥ ♣♣♣♣

If you would like this week to slow down, it probably will. The galactic dance continues, smiling on your sign. Jupiter squares Neptune in Pisces. This means an attitude shift has to occur for all, as adjustments are a benefit. Then Mercury sextiles Neptune. You intuitively sense when and how to share news that makes all the difference.