“Midnight Gospel”

Having grown up with Ghibli and “Sailor Moon,” I’ve always felt a degree of disdain toward American cartoons. The draw of Netflix’s new adult animated series, however, is its metaphysical and truly outlandish premise (a curious pink kid travels to different universes to discuss death and meditation), exactly the kind of bonkers dissociation we need in strange times. Every episode is, in essence, a podcast with various TV personalities and artists, interviewed by comedian Duncan Trussell (the cute pink kid). It’s “Adventure Time” meets “Rick and Morty” meets Waking Life. — Camille Miller

“After Life: Season Two”

Ricky Gervais’ Netflix comedy-drama “After Life” is back for its second season. We pick up where we left off, following a grieving Tony (Gervais) struggling to understand life after the death of his wife Lisa (Kerry Godliman). As with the first season, the show’s juggling between the poignancy of loss and the absurd humor of life is surprisingly sensitive and well-executed. While the episodes do feel slightly “Groundhog Day-esque” as Tony repeatedly fails to make solid progress in his self-healing, perhaps this is a metaphor for grief itself, a slow (sometimes backwards) journey that can’t be overcome in the neat plot arch of a typical TV drama. Jessie Carbutt

Cesar Millan

A lot of us have probably seen clips of “dog whisperer” Cesar Millan transforming raging pitbulls into cuddle buddies. Since his National Geographic days, Millan has broken away from the big screen and has opted for YouTube instead. He blesses us with videos of his pack that now extends beyond just dogs. With emus, llamas, birds and other friendly creatures roaming around his ranch, Millan reminds us of the beauty of animal connection and the importance of taking care of them. Providing a certain warmth and some animated humor, this channel is for anyone looking for some wholesome entertainment. Shir Lee Akazawa


Ashley (who only uses her first name), known as YouTuber bestdressed, is a refreshing, authentic vlogger with over 3 million subscribers. Her channel name comes from being voted “best dressed” in her senior year of high school, a legacy she upholds through exhibiting her love for fashion online. Her quirky and down-to-earth personality makes for an entertaining watch as she connects with her audience. She isn’t afraid to get vulnerable on camera as she speaks up on issues about self-esteem, relationships and imposter syndrome. There’s a certain rarity in an influencer being as genuine as her nowadays. — Rei Ando


Black Lives Matter: Movies and TV shows to watch

Netflix recently launched a Black Lives Matter collection consisting of 47 films, documentaries and TV series that highlight narratives about Black experiences and systemic racism in America. Notable titles include Spike Lee’s war drama Da 5 Bloods and Ava DuVernay’s harrowing miniseries “When They See Us,” as well as acclaimed documentaries like 13th (available on Youtube) and Strong Island which explore racism within the criminal justice system.

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