File_000 (2)Away from the crowds and on the fringe of the residential area in Sangenjaya is Coffee Wrights cafe.

Built in the shell of an old hair salon, there you’ll find co-owner and head roaster Yuki Muneshima who, along with her experienced staff, has created a quiet space for coffee lovers.

The cafe is a two-level building with the bottom floor dedicated to roasting, making and serving coffee. The roasting machine sits there, filling the cafe with the scent of the morning’s roast that lingers in the air throughout the day.

In front of that, the brewing process takes place—hand drip, espresso or iced. There is also a selection of roasted beans available for home brewing.

The second floor is clean and simple, exemplary of the current Tokyo trend favoring unfinished surfaces and understated decor. A plain wood staircase leads up to a room of recycled furniture, timber walls and an exposed ceiling, which is exactly how Muneshima wanted it. Seated next to the roaster, sorting through the day’s roast, she smiles and tells me that the cafe came together quickly … though her 15 years of cafe experience helped in making decisions. As a former roaster for a large coffee company here in Tokyo, she explained that she wanted to be more involved and closer to the customers. So, late last year, she determined to strike out on her own, opening Coffee Wrights in December. The coffee menu covers all the usual regions: Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Kenya, and my current favorite, Ethiopia. Coffee Wrights roasts on the lighter side, for optimal taste and flavor.

The coffee (¥480) was served in a large ceramic cup. It was light, delicate and floral—almost tea-like. To accompany your coffee, there is a choice of four hand-selected sweets made by Comma Coffee: A banana, pineapple and walnut pound cake (¥350); a green tea and black bean pound cake (¥450); a fruit tart (¥680); and anko butter cookies (¥350).

File_000Coffee Wrights isn’t a place where people just pop in for a quick cup. (However, they do have a ‘quick brew,’ a pre-made house blend for ¥380.) This is a place where you relax, take your time, maybe meet a friend and appreciate the aromas and undertones that are expertly brought out in the roast.

Muneshima and her staff are dedicated to supplying and serving the best coffee possible in a friendly and casual setting. They are also working on expanding their wholesale market so others can enjoy their coffee.

Coffee Wrights is well worth the short ride from Shibuya Station and is a great addition to the Sangenjaya neighborhood, which is already host to a treasure trove of mostly undiscovered gems.

Coffee Wrights. 1 -32-21 Sangenjaya, Setagaya-ku.  Sangenjaya. Tel: 03-6413-8686. Mon–Sun 9am–6pm. Closed Tues.