Summer is here, and the coming heat will have us all yearning for a chance to cool down. As we flock to beaches and pools around the city, swimsuits become a necessity—and one place to get all your summer gear is the online store Bathing Line. Beyond their large collection of swimwear, they carry rash guards, cover-ups, bags, and accessories. The array of Japanese and imported designer brands will truly put you into the summer spirit. With sizes up to 3L, you’ll find a much wider selection than in most Japanese stores.

Swimsuit from Bathing Line

Swimsuit from Bathing Line

Focusing on hand-picked, imported swimsuits by Colombian designers, Bathing Line carries a wide selection from popular brands such as Maaji and Lspace. The store is the only site in Japan to obtain many of these Colombian designer brands. In fact, Bathing Line is the number-one online seller of Colombian swimsuits in Japan.

These Colombian brands focus as much on design as on quality. The refreshing patterns and color combinations are hard to find in Japan, and every small feature seems to be deliberate. While the fabrics are soft and don’t have the constricting feeling that is characteristic of many swimsuits, they don’t feel outdated or unfashionable. This attention to detail stems from each designer’s commitment to their individual style, reflected in what they produce. Some designers pride themselves on making the fabrics from scratch, while others adorn the swimsuits with real gold for accents. Unique and colorful, these Colombian brands are constantly at the top of the swimsuit scene, popular all over the world.

For the summer months only, the normally online-only Bathing Line will open a brick-and-mortar location in Nakameguro. Open from June 30 to August 15, this storefront will allow shoppers to see in person the array of styles and brands that Bathing Line carries. Of course, you can try on all items—something you cannot do when browsing their site. Located just one minute from the station, Bathing Line hooks you into all of this season’s hottest trends. One thing that’s popular now is mixing and matching different patterns and colors. Gone are the matching tops and bottoms; now all colors and patterns seem to go together. Also coming back into style are retro-chic one-pieces.

Available at the store are Colombian brands such as AlmaMia, leMar, and Milonga—all brands exclusive to Bathing Line in Japan. AlmaMia’s suits quickly catch your eye with their deliberate, bright colors. The charms and stitches use real gold and are applied by hand, and high-quality fabrics are used to bring about a rich feeling. LeMar, founded in 2012, uses bold prints and dynamic cuts to create a fashionable and beautiful line. Their original prints are refreshing and stylish. Also available is Milonga, which founded its brand on the concept of “happy chic.” Milonga swimsuits boast colorful patterns on high-quality fabrics that are hand-stitched, including original floral and animal prints that catch the eye.

This summer, Bathing Line is the perfect stop prior to your trip to the beach or pool! Open for a limited time, the Nakameguro location will be loaded with bathing suits, accessories, bags, and more. You’ll be sure to find something that you’ll love among the variety of brands and styles.

Nakameguro Arena 1F, 1-23-1 Kamimeguro, Meguro-ku. Open Jun 30-Aug 15. 1pm-8pm.