place where people can come together, communicate and generate new ideas is essential to any organization. With six convenient locations throughout Tokyo, Fukuracia provides stylish, state-of-the-art facilities that can be used for a variety of purposes, from small meetings to large conferences, seminars and personnel training. 

Come Together at Fukuracia - High-quality rental conference rooms in Tokyo

Finding the ideal space to hold events and invite important guests isn’t always easy. Fukuracia makes the search simple with rental conference rooms that are as refined and comfortable as they are highly functional. Each location has a distinct theme and boasts stylish interiors curated by passionate designers. The conference rooms are fully equipped with presentation necessities, like high-performance projectors, screens, free Wi-Fi and laser pointers. During breaks, guests can lounge in a spacious lobby to enjoy free refreshments from the coffee machine.

More than just a venue, Fukuracia strives to support every aspect of one’s visit. The staff includes trained hotel workers who provide the utmost hospitality and operational assistance, arranging everything from catering to post-conference social gatherings and lodging accommodations. Luckily, guests don’t have to look far for dining and hotel options. Fukuracia’s facilities are easily accessible and surrounded by plenty of restaurants, bars and hotels. They’re also within walking distance of major terminals including Tokyo Station, Shinagawa Station and Hamamatsucho Station, so shinkansen and airport access are never an issue. 

Come Together at Fukuracia - High-quality rental conference rooms in Tokyo

Fukuracia’s beautiful interiors and exceptional support system are truly a testament to its concept of “spaces to which you will automatically want to invite clients.” With reasonable prices, first-time guests can try out Fukuracia’s accommodations free of stress. 

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