It’s In The Stars Weekly Horoscope 

♥Love    ¥Money    ♣Luck



March 20 – April 18


You are embraced by planets in your solar twelfth and second houses. Mercury, governing thoughts and ideas, and Venus, ruling love, luxury, and money, take center stage. They focus on your dreams and income. Breaking through to new levels can be daunting. These two make sure you receive well-earned rewards. Mercury sextiles Jupiter to guide sharing and negotiations.  


April 19 – May 19


The Sun is in your sign. Happy Birthday! You know it’s spring when your special celebration  arrives. It’s a powerful week. It begins with a challenge. Mercury in Taurus makes aspects to planets that are testing. It’s karmic, feels resistant, and then everything changes. Mercury sextiles Jupiter in your solar twelfth house. Be sure to dream big. And share them with others.


May 20 – June 20


Does it take a while to get started in the morning, or do you hop like a bunny? To enjoy a rise and shine moment, let your pressures melt. You’re held together by the cosmos. Lest you think it’s not true, remember the planet is spinning. Gravity keeps you from drifting away. Venus sextiles Neptune for daydreams. Ruler Mercury reveals heart-felt constellations.


June 21 – July 21


Friends factor in your choices this week. Mercury, the messenger, connects you up on a daily basis. There are challenges. Mercury conjunct the Moon’s North Node pushes you to the next karmic level. It squares Saturn to slow you down, so you can’t and won’t forget. Then it makes positive, sexy aspects to Neptune, Jupiter, and Pluto. You are officially unstuck.


July 22 – August 22


Some things feel like they will never end, yet even traditions give way when it’s time. This week tests where you stand, and on what issues. Mercury conjuncts the North Node of the Moon and squares Saturn. Career may clash with relationships. Then the Messenger speaks up to bring relief, optimism, and transformation as it aspects Neptune, Jupiter, and Pluto. 


August 23 – September 21


Handling a lot at the moment? Ruler Mercury creates aspects that call for attention. This planet of communication conjuncts the North Node of the Moon. Watch for a karmic breakthrough. Tricky at first, but worth your time. Then it squares Saturn, slowing things down. But wait! The Messenger connects with Neptune, Jupiter, and Pluto. Help is on the way. 


September 22 – October 22


When planets hover in one hemisphere of your chart, obligations run rampant. Whether you’ve planned for it or not, so much can happen. No need to feel like you’ve left yourself behind. In truth, you’re more fully invested. Ruler Venus assists in shoring up your dreams. Mercury connects with Jupiter to open a gateway of achievements and recognition. 


October 23 – November 21


You have leeway when it comes to your career, friendships, and dreams. The planets impact your sectors of home and long-term relationships. Mercury aligns with the North Node of the Moon. Karmic connections and breakthroughs find their way to you. The week begins with resistance, then opens up. Share what you like. Expect conversations with your choice of topics.


November 22 – December 20


Your negotiation skills are on the rise. Mercury, governing thoughts and ideas, puts a karmic leap in your step. Your visionary approach brings confidence. There’s a cosmic alignment in your favor. Feel a temporary slowdown? Saturn adjusts your foundation for stability. Mercury makes a positive aspect to ruler Jupiter. What you say holds major impact.


December 21 – January 18


Mercury goes into a hard line drive. Communications receive a boost of understanding. The North Node of the Moon brings a karmic move forward. Whether you’ve planned it or even agree, changes arrive. The Moon in your sign connects with Pluto, making feelings intense. Venus conjunct Neptune offers an indulgence. This is your chance.


January 19 – February 17


You may sense more security as Vesta nears Saturn. They’re both in Aquarius. Things won’t move as fast, but this is a window that rarely gets opened. Mercury connects with the Moon’s North Node, aspecting Neptune and Jupiter. Dreams and home converge. Venus offers choices. You receive a karmic financial boost. What will you do with the transformation that’s coming?


February 18 – March 19


So much can happen. Juno has entered Pisces. Someone has your back. It’s a type of commitment, even if it can’t be a relationship. Mars, Venus, Neptune and Jupiter are in your sign too. Cosmic streams of energy flow through. You’ll know they’re there, though others may not. Mercury brings in communication. It stops, starts, then overflows. Let it fill you up.