Oseibo is one of Japan’s two traditional gift-giving seasons, along with summer’s chugen. The origins date back to the custom of placing offerings such as nihonshu (Japanese rice wine), mochi (rice cake) or cured fish on ancestors’ graves. Through the centuries this has evolved into a seasonal custom focused on general gift-giving.

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Oseibo gifts are intended to be an expression of thanks to someone who has shown you kindness during the year such as family members, clients and colleagues. Isetan  Mitsukoshi has modernized oseibo with a beautifully curated  range of halal produce. Great levels of commitment and thought are present in halal food which is considered safe, delicious and distinctive.

Isetan Mitsukoshi’s halal oseibo range is made of set meals including gyudon (beef on rice), deep-fried curry, tempura and yakitori (chicken skewers) with an added bonus of a mini rice cake set.

New Zealand’s lamb is, of course,  renowned all over the world. The lamb set includes both herb-marinated (oregano, herbs and yogurt) lamb chops and spicy lamb chops which gives a harmonious culinary balance. For chocoholics the cheesecake made from ingredients from Koichi Prefecture is a must and makes a pretty gift for a loved one or close friend.