The Legend of Hercules

Hercules with a charisma-impaired cast

Remember when Renny Harlin made good action movies? Like Die Hard 2 and The Long Kiss Goodnight? Like Die Hard 2 and The Long Kiss Goodnight? It’s a long way down to this made-up, inherently phony, cut-rate 3-D, sword-and-sandals silliness. Most disastrous is the musclehead Kellan Lutz in the title role (though remarkably well barbered and stubbled for a slave gladiator), and the charisma-impaired supporting cast serves mainly to make him look less bad. This cost $75 million? Not at all engaging in any way but simply strewn with hilarious nuggets for lovers of really kitschy bad movies. Wait for The Rock’s Hercules in October. Can’t be worse. Japanese title: The Hercules. (98 min)