Originally published on metropolis.co.jp on March 2014

Photo by Kevin Mcgue

Chilean actress Paulina García has enjoyed opportunities not often afforded to Hollywood actresses. She took on the title role in Gloria, a divorcee in her late 50s who refuses to give up on life, and her enthralling performance earned her the best actress award at last year’s Berlinale. “That is why we won’t get the Oscar,” García told Metropolis during a recent trip to Tokyo. “There are not many films about women this age.” The film was Chile’s official submission for the best film in a foreign language category, but failed to make the short list. However, her Berlin triumph has opened new doors in theater and film for the actress. But at the age of 53, she is troubled by ageism in the film world. “Meryl Streep is an exception and she will be working until she is 90, but it is very hard for other actresses,” García says. “Jack Nicholson is fat, bald and old now, but still is a great actor and gets offers. But [Chinatown costar] Faye Dunaway, who is still so beautiful, can’t get work.”

Gloria is now playing at Human Trust Cinemas in  Shibuya and Yurakucho (www.ht-cinema.com)