In the world of bizarre flavor combinations, Japan’s game is unbeatable. Last year, a collaboration between Calbee and Namco resulted in cola-flavored potato chips that graced video arcades nationwide as crane game prizes. It must have proved successful, as the chip makers and the gaming giants are teaming up this year to once again test out their winning soda-potato formula. In liquid form, this time.

The Potato Chip-flavored Cola is the new prize at Namco arcade crane games. Because, apparently, this is the kind of thing you have to earn. That’s right: a fizzy drink that’s as sugary as it is savory, for those who are often torn between their desire for starchy crisps and the refreshingness of cola.

Fancy a sip? Head on down to a crane game arcade near you and try your luck. Of course, the beverage price depends on how good you are at these games. And how good you are depends on how badly you want this drink.

Available for a limited time at Namco crane games / video arcades in Nakano Broadway, Hakusan Bldg. Ogikubo, Ito Yokado Kiba, Namco Land Nerima, and more.