It’s only been a month since Roppongi Hills opened an array of new restaurants around the complex to celebrate its 15th anniversary. Attracting an estimated 40 million visitors per year, the retail and culinary hub is adding even more eateries for visitors with the recently renovated Premium Dining Floor and Grand Food Hall. Situated on the complex’s 5th floor and on its B2 level, the two-part renovation is making space for some of the most decadent eateries you’ll probably ever witness. Stroll down the polished mahogany floors and at every turn you’ll find yourself trying something completely new.

Roppongi Hills Dining Cuisine Hotspots Grand Food Hall Premium Dining Floor

At Unagi Dokoro Kurochodo, for instance, you can taste authentic, natural unagi (eel). Unlike most unagi places which rely on the Kanto method of steaming eel, this restaurant relies on the Kansai method of charcoal grilling in which the eel doesn’t necessary melt in your mouth, but rather, has a bite to it that harmonizes well with the rich, savory sauce. If you ask nicely, you may even be able to hold the flayed unagi on the cooking rod, which proved to be heavier than it seemed.

Right across the hall, BIKiNi SIS offers a totally different atmosphere. This Spanish eatery doesn’t immediately tempt you with promises of familiar dishes such as paella and ajillo — instead, it nudges you into trying culinary pairings that you never knew existed. Dishes include breaded lamb chops fried and paired with mashed white cauliflower and Iberico-ham-wrapped scallops resting on a bed of fresh parsley puree. This is an exciting venture that takes Spanish cuisine to new heights.

Roppongi Hills Dining Cuisine Hotspots Grand Food Hall Premium Dining Floor tapas

It’s well worth spending a night on the town being dazzled by the plethora of eateries offered in the newly refurbished Roppongi Hills Premium Dining Floor (5F) and Grand Food Hall (B2F). You’ll never know what you might end up discovering.