It’s In The Stars Weekly Horoscope 

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March 20 – April 18


Events take on a special glow. The skies are magic. This is highlighted by the total lunar eclipse. Have you been knocking at a door that won’t open? If you’re not getting any traction, it may be time for the universe to step in. Be sure to ask. It can reroute things in a heartbeat. You have been here before; you’ll be here again. Remembering, you realize how much fun you can have.


April 19 – May 19


A total lunar eclipse doesn’t have to mean anything. But it usually does. Everyone needs a Taurus in their life. The warmth and security you offer can change a person’s life. Ruled by Venus, you’re a natural match for someone who’s noticing their shadow. Shifting events last for about three months. Hang in there. As things smooth out, there’s a bonus for you.


May 20 – June 20


What would you like to see change? This week offers a total lunar eclipse. The effects take about three months to emerge. This Moon is in opposition to the Sun in Gemini. Enjoy the bubbles and laughter. Happy Birthday! There may be a challenge in the air. Career expansion, developments in your home or where you live can be at odds with the feelings that come up. 


June 21 – July 21


Give yourself credit. Mars has progressed to the later degrees of your sign. Your maturity, empathy, and patience pays off. There’s a total lunar eclipse this week. It’s in a testing aspect to Cancer. Adding to the challenge is Jupiter, at odds with the Sun and the Moon. Since you are the Moonchild, your intuition takes an equal seat with logic, especially in financial projections.


July 22 – August 22


Finding equilibrium is a challenge, with this week’s total lunar eclipse. You’re fine – it’s in a comfortable aspect to Leo. But unless you’re meditating on a mountaintop, you may bounce off others’ updrafts and need for attention. Focus on satisfying your desires as you hear your inner whispers. They know what works for you, even if others aren’t quite ready to join in.


August 23 – September 21


This total lunar eclipse sets up a new path. In many ways, it may not be where you thought you would go. Those on the planet right now are in the midst of an ‘impossible’ upgrade. The conscious mind would never sign up for it. But the subconscious mind, which connects you to everything, is very glad you did. Things realign more comfortably over the next three months.


September 22 – October 22


Of all the signs, you probably score the luckiest with this total lunar eclipse. Normally it signals the beginning of a change. Sometimes it’s one you don’t want. In your case, the position of the Sun and the Moon merely moves the chess pieces in your favor. This goes double if you want to be published, travel long distance, or study law. Now is the time to rearrange your bookshelves.


October 23 – November 21


Though you may not know how you’ll proceed, this week’s total lunar eclipse can help. It has a tendency to cut off a few options (ouch). On the flip side, it actually revitalizes. Putting yourself under pressure to project ahead is perilous. New routes are in the process of being built. They can short-cut you to desired results. Giving away information is not required. Wait to be asked.


November 22 – December 20


Have a moody Moon person in your life? If so, it’s not easy. You need to feel you’re skimming above the bumps in life, not crawling in the trenches. Sags are optimistic about being here for others. You have a special energy stream that constantly flows. This Full Moon is a total lunar eclipse – in your sign. Things may work out differently than imagined. Meaning better. 


December 21 – January 18


Though you don’t have far to go, the incline could look steep. It’s not an illusion. The total lunar eclipse may point this out. However, you are flanked by those with power. The new position you take on will be easier than what you’re doing now. Plus, you can make decisions without someone looking over your shoulder. Dreams get full credit for taking you here.


January 19 – February 17


Answers can come from meditation and nature walks. With your schedule, this may not always be possible. The stars, too, are a guide. They show what comes easily, where the tense moments are, and how long they’ll last. That’s why this week’s total lunar eclipse is a bit of a showstopper. It blends your friends and interests with kids, creativity, and romantic overtures.


February 18 – March 19


Want to enjoy smooth sailing, but surrounded by choppy waters? This kind of thing can happen with a total lunar eclipse. It’s not in Pisces – not your headache. But it does cast light and shadows in your sector of career, and where you live. Augh! Not to worry. You have plenty of time. Create what helps you be true to yourself. Enjoy your own best reflection.