Originally published on metropolis.co.jp on August 2013

Lawson. Best fried food at the counter, best ticket service, best promotions. 7-Eleven. Best bentos, best ATMs for us dirty furners. Family Mart. Best pointcard.—Dan Orlowitz

Seicomart. They need to expand into Tokyo. Lowest prices, highest quality and Hokkaido-sourced food means lower risk of glowing at night.—Jeff Quigley

Mini Stop. Best. Soft-serve. Ever.—Lisa Wallin

7-Eleven. Shinsei bank (the ¥100 frozen chain and ramen wasn’t bad once upon a time).—Jason Ball

The one that doesn’t perfunctorily give out plastic bags for every purchase… alas, such a conbini doesn’t exist in Japan.—WordofMouthA5

7-Eleven. I can withdraw money from their ATMs and they all sell cigarettes.—Adriane Morard
Lawson. It’s very close to my house. Honestly I don’t see a difference between them.—Alice Odouxi

7-Eleven. The most convenient convenience store, which can also surprise with the best craft beer selection.—David Ashkanasy

Family Mart. Has the best selection of candy and sweets. Yes, that’s what I base my evaluation on.—Jessi Nuss