Mar 21-Apr 20


The Super Full Moon brings things into focus. How does this affect you, exactly? (How does it not?) As a humanitarian, you are being asked to stretch another inch. You’re here for an important cross point in history. The Sun in your solar ninth house of spiritual growth opposes  the Full Moon in areas where you connect. Your words have power. They can balance and heal.


Apr 21-May 21


You won’t be taken offline by surprises or near-misses. This week’s Super Full Moon is considered karmic in that it ushers in an awareness, a more conscious light on a subject. There is so much to take in, especially when it comes to communication! You’re not alone—everyone is going through a form of rebalance right now. Money is your motivator. Choose wisely.


May 22-Jun 21


Wrapped around the holiday glow is a Super Full Moon. It’s in Gemini, which means light in all the right places. Relationships, especially those most significant like marriage, are the focus. Friends and groups may change times and place constantly in the run-up to the festivities, but the real balance comes between you and your “mirror.” Enjoy nurturing what you’d most like to see.


Jun 22-Jul 23


The Super Full Moon is steeped in the light through your window. It influences sleep and your dreams. It traverses your solar twelfth house, so no matter where you are, it’s your subconscious mind that’s getting a wake-up call. The balance comes in taking care of your needs on a surface level. If work takes too much out of you, take a walk, breathe, and revitalize with the holiday.


Jul 24-Aug 23


The amount of courage Leos have is astounding. This is no less true during the Super Full Moon. The Sun is in your sector of love, romance, creativity—and of children. Perfect for the holidays! The Full Moon can balance your act, affecting groups and meetings. You’ll be busy and communication will literally be flying everywhere. But the lion-hearted you wouldn’t want it any other way!


Aug 24-Sep 23


The North Node in Virgo is a karmic balancer for the Super Full Moon. The Moon is in a tricky sign, not thought-compatible with yours. Luckily you have a shared rulership with Mercury, which tells it like it is. It brings an awareness with the light of consciousness now on full power. An expanded way of sharing and communicating brings dividends and rewards in your career.


Sep 24-Oct 23


So much has been happening. Good news is on the way! This Super Full Moon may be the lightest yet. You’ll still feel it, just not in an overly intrusive way. It can bring a karmic balance which clears your path. The Full Moon is in a compatible sign, so your mind is likely to be in high gear. The focus is on your true spiritual calling, and how you share and talk about it with others.  


Oct 24-Nov 22


Time may be tight, since Super Full Moons have a way of filling everything up. The focus is on balance, between your income and money that comes to you in a non-job way. How you have created this is influenced by legacies and past-life connections. As long as you remember you’re part of a team (you’re not on your own, nor in control), you’ll come out a top-notch winner.


Nov 23-Dec 22


Ok Sagittarians, heads up. The Super Full Moon is an energizer and revitalizer. It amps up your ability to take an idea or belief and run with it. You are definitely in the lead. It may have been a long time coming, but you’ve done your homework and the foundation is strong. Now you’re ready to roll. The Moon opposite your sign means someone important is balancing your act.


Dec 23-Jan 20


The Super Full Moon has nothing on you! While other signs reel from this light elixir mixed into a cocktail of hope, you already knew “things were going this way!” Mercury in your sign gives you a kaleidoscope perspective, plus the broad-minded “scope” to see back to front. Think the Sun is about to rise on your horizon? You’re right! Breathe as the holidays lift your spirits.


Jan 21-Feb 19


The Super New Moon is usually an event welcomed by Aquarians. This is the third one in three months, so you’re becoming an old hand at this. Given the parameters, it puts you in a lucky flow. Mars and Pallas Athene stumble over each other in your sign, trying to put the “finish” in “original.” To top it off, friends, lovers and their kids seem to come at you from every direction.


Feb 20-Mar 20


There’s a bit of moonglow during the Super Full Moon. Even if you can’t see it, it still expands your awareness. The Sun and Moon balance the focus between your career and where you live. Home is important, but it has to reflect who you are. If your perspective has changed, or you’ve found your true calling, your environment nurture your presence, not the other way around!