Mar 21-Apr 20


Mars moves into Aries. Nothing can stop this passionate warrior. It’s like a birthday present a few months early—all that energy and determination, just as January says good-bye. He helps mitigate Venus square Saturn (it cost how much?), Mercury conjunct Pluto (an incisive shift in your career), and Mercury square Uranus (I wish you’d said that differently. Yowch. I really do.)


Apr 21-May 21


Oh Taurus, you do suffer when life becomes too spartan. Of all the signs, you really need 1) a comfortable bed, 2) a plushy sofa, 3) gorgeous duds to wear and 4) food worth your palate. Otherwise, what is life all about? This week, cash in on special luxuries you might not give yourself at other times of the year. It’s winter—treat yourself! Feel the difference as you thrive!


May 22-Jun 21


This is a week to roll up your sleeves and keep busy until it’s over. Try not to look in either direction. Just kidding. Venus does a square dance with Saturn, meaning the yummy and the gorgeous get their knickers in a twist. Then Mercury conjuncts Pluto and squares Uranus. Since Mercury is your ruling planet, you are likely to be perceptive to the point of brilliance. Enjoy!


Jun 22-Jul 23


Let this week be like the tides. January flows out as February flows gently to your shores. Venus squares Saturn, so home décor/wardrobe updates/beauty treatments take more time than planned. Those on a spiritual path can benefit with stabilizing techniques to keep in your quiver. Be prepared to handle surprises when it comes to unexpected news or restructuring your schedule.


Jul 24-Aug 23


The Sun is opposite your sign, breaking the ice to have a heartfelt connection. This is especially true if you’re in a relationship. Of course, the way this balancing act behaves, this stellar duo may engage in a peacock type conversation—but it’s a start. Sex, ego, symbolic death and rebirth are highlighted. The stars will take you to ecstasy and back. It’s not a trap, it’s a winter blossoming.


Aug 24-Sep 23


Feelings run deep this week. Planets in water signs may trickle emotional triggers into your life. Find a higher perspective to keep you warm and dry. Venus square Saturn slows things down, giving you a chance to find solid ground. Mercury conjunct Pluto could help you uncover a new way to solve an old problem. Mercury square Uranus forces your brilliance to shine. Allow it!


Sep 24-Oct 23


Dark Moon Lilith is almost finished cruising your solar second house. Translated, you’re earning income by manifesting—bringing what’s not known to the surface. It’s not an easy position, but you’ve almost graduated from Lilth’s “materializing” gifts. Venus square Saturn brings a more steady income. Mercury connects with Pluto and Uranus to shake your insights to stellar heights.


Oct 24-Nov 22


Venus squares Saturn. The money is there, but you can’t get at it. Yet. Then Mercury conjuncts Pluto, and your perspective is turned inside out. It’s only to bring another way to see things, but still, going out of your comfort zone is never a picnic. Then Mercury squares Uranus. There’s no other way to turn but towards your own inner brilliance which serves to shed light on everything.


Nov 23-Dec 22


This is definitely a week to treat yourself with gentle care. Most Sagittarians would scoff at the idea. You’d like to believe that as the Centaur, you can race through any pursuit, gallop merrily into the face of danger, and that sort of thing. But with Pallas Athene, Neptune, Chiron, Venus, and Mars squaring Sag, just be kind to yourself and others. It will go a long way and be returned.


Dec 23-Jan 20


Early in the week, Venus is square to Saturn. It could look like the money is never coming. It may be slowed down. This aspect shows what won’t work until it’s cleared up. Patience is just part of this. Then Mercury conjuncts Pluto in your sign. The depths are likely to surface (events  you have long suspected). Mercury square Uranus is a quick turnaround. Let yourself shine.


Jan 21-Feb 19


The Sun in your sign is a bonus. Happy birthday to all Aquarians! Even if you are not born this week, your heart light continues. That’s what the Sun is all about. What was meant to be movement in money matters has a block to overcome. Venus is square Saturn. Let the process begin. Mercury is then conjunct Pluto and square Uranus. A sudden revelation changes things.



Feb 20-Mar 20


Feeling too busy for what’s headed your way? If so, it may mirror your star map. There’s so much activity in Pisces, it may be time to surf these planets just to stay on top. Venus is square Saturn. Hard work makes things beautiful, combining perseverance with artistic appreciation. Money is slow, but with Mercury conjunct Pluto and square Uranus, a fast response to news is very rewarding.