Mar 21-Apr 20


If you thought early January would be hard to budge, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Things will move in your desired direction. Ceres is advanced in your sign, and she’s overtaken Uranus. There’s more nurturing energy for you than jolts and shocks. Your perspective for 2017 is likely to have breadth and vision. You know you’ve been put where you are to keep things going.


Apr 21-May 21


Regardless of the slings and arrows in your dreamscape, you are covered. Your intuitive hunches may say ‘turn right’ when you expected to turn left. Friends might champion your cause, but they could also dissolve to other realms before they return. Career matters may also be uncertain as they hover in flux, waiting for a stellar injection. Mercury goes direct and completes you.


May 22-Jun 21


This is a major week. You may have realized this already, as you wade ankle deep in career matters while taking care of friends whose year started out with uncertainty. Mercury completes his retrograde trip and crosses the finish line in your relationship sector. Definitely draw up plans to share time with a special someone. Love, family, pets. Starting Sunday, you’ll have more luck.


Jun 22-Jul 23


Did you ever have chemistry with someone, but have to redirect it? Cancers are becoming masters at diplomacy. Early January is no exception. You have the ability to move in several directions, particularly sideways. Biding your time is not all that boring. After all, you have a rich inner life. When combined with all you do – where did the time go? You will get there!


Jul 24-Aug 23


Nothing you can’t handle, but some of it’s around work. The Sun connects with Pluto, taking you to great heights, or stomping on your plans. Either way it’s rewarding and educational. The former is more fun, of course. Changes uproot your plans mid-week, so you might feel you’re in a bit of a shake and bake. Then opportunities arrive, and so does the money!


Aug 24-Sep 23


Not what you were looking for? Waiting to be beamed up? This planet continues to amaze, but it’s mainly the people near you who know which buttons to push. Watch for a loved one to do a 180 meltdown with the Sun conjunct Pluto. Or enjoy the chasing-the-tail syndrome you’ll get to view. By mid-week, it’s not you, it’s them. Crazily, love becomes divine as this week ends.


Sep 24-Oct 23


January winter blues may seem a bit dreary to sun-loving, vivacious Libra! This week the Sun conjuncts Pluto. Basically, duck and cover, and side-step any ego games nearby. It’s karma city with Venus opposing the North Node, each catching up with their desire for comfort and luxury. Mid-week, tradition stifles you, so let sublime energies wafting guide your way home.


Oct 24-Nov 22


There’s so much happening, astrologically speaking. Most of it is for you! It’s a trip to experience the thrill of manifesting, at which you’ve become quite adept. Dark Moon Lilith is well advanced into Scorpio. Practice makes perfect! Then there’s money – stabilizing finances after so much hard work. Watch for love to become true romance as this week completes.


Nov 23-Dec 22


Starry messengers dance to mesmerize you out of your logic circuits. Pallas Athene, Venus, the South Node, Neptune, Mars, and Chiron offer sublime delicious love, or illusion and even duplicity. How do you keep early January on track? The only way out is in. Knowing that people are not all bad or good, tune in to your instincts. Challenges midweek could lead to ecstasy later.


Dec 23-Jan 20


On the slippery slopes of physical matter, here comes quite a week. It starts as the Sun connects to Pluto in your sign. Play it straight, no matter what you do. Pluto weeds out what isn’t working, so you want to be on the side of the light. Then the Capricorn Sun squares up to Uranus and it’s one-two-three, you’re in a tizzy. By week’s end, communications slide into home base. Relief!


Jan 21-Feb 19


Your destiny has arrived. That could be said of most any day, of course, but this week is the tops. Your solar second house of income (and what you own – including your spiritual and emotional resources) holds no less than Pallas Athene, Venus, the South Node. Neptune, Mars, and Chiron. Karma chameleon, indeed! Play it straight, breathe, meditate, think kindness everywhere you go.


Feb 20-Mar 20


January is underway, and you won’t have time to think. You’re filled with feeling and may not have time to process it. In your sign are Pallas Athene, Venus, the South Node, Neptune, Mars, and Chiron. They all want your recognition, yet some of them hold opposing viewpoints. There’s no need to reconcile their perspectives in a blink. Find what’s real, then choose your perfect match.