Mar 21-Apr 20

♥♥♥¥¥ ♣♣♣

Aries has a sharp eye for what works. You like to get things done. Details are important this week. The more you uncover, the more you deliver. Mars moves you quickly through what once were sticky webs and dark corners of confusion. You’ll be pleased with your ability to say what’s on your mind in an effective and negotiable manner. Venus brings a luxury treat.


Apr 21-May 21

♥♥¥¥¥¥ ♣♣♣

Normally it’s not all about you, but luckily (for the most part) this week it is. Venus and Saturn are in the part of your chart where something comes to you– from someone or somewhere else. You don’t have to create it, it just arrives. Saturn builds the structure for it to occur, and Venus just makes it nice to be around. The more original you are at work, the better. There will be rewards!


May 22-Jun 21


Your serious side may be hard at work. Mars just eclipsed Pluto’s galactic stroll, influencing what you receive in a relationship. You may be looking at a policy created just for your security, or wonder what to do with all that you have collected. You could open a space to join the minimalists, only to find out there’s more coming your way. Breathe, clear your head, and receive.


Jun 22-Jul 23


Fresh air is great. If you have a chance to get outside and breathe some in, you’ll be able to switch gears more easily. Cancers often prefer to stay inside (the house equivalent of the protective crab shell). A lot is asked of you at home, actually, but the truth is, it’s beneficial for you to collect other perspectives right now. So find a garden, a pond, or a park to enjoy!


Jul 24-Aug 23


Leos are straightforward and courageously encouraging. While this remains true on a regular basis, someone may be more complex than you require. This could pull you into a whirlpool of thoughts which don’t get the results you’d like. Pallas Athene opposite your sign definitely has a strong perspective. Whether you agree to join in, however, is up to you.


Aug 24-Sep 23


Save, save, save. Money in your life may look like it’s going to stay, but you may have to remind it. If you’re planning to jump–to a home, job, or relationship–money invested in yourself is helpful. Self-improvement courses and exercise fit the bill, but so does putting it in a safe place. Boring, yes, but ultimately useful. Your role model self is a welcome service to others.


Sep 24-Oct 23


Enjoy the rays of the Sun in your sign, along with Mercury and Jupiter. Golden is a word that accurately describes you this week. Then the Sun leaves Libra over the weekend and the focus is on funds. Yours. Financially astute, digging just a bit deeper is likely to reap rewards and increases in your income. Someone original with a mind of their own may catch your attention.


Oct 24-Nov 22


Finally! You’re in your birthday zone! Happy Birthday to all Scorpios born this week. At the moment, you may be investigating areas you’ve waited a long time for. As deep as you are, you knew the finances and energy would be a big commitment. The rewards and pure satisfaction of doing the right thing makes up for the investment. And those will last for a very long time.


Nov 23-Dec 22


Can you weather the latest storm? Sagittarians are optimistic. You don’t want anyone to think you might have doubts. By the time you let someone know you’re second guessing them, you’ve  realized they need to straighten up. With Pluto and Mars in your solar second house, your income will shift. It’s time to embrace the money and make it yours. It’s definitely meant to be. 


Dec 23-Jan 20


The weekend begins with the Moon opposite your sign. This can be a partner playing on your  feelings, or a productive release (clearing out) at home. While not a super yummy or romantic thought, it does leave the door open to get closer to your goals. So let’s look at them. Would you like the power to make your dreams your real world? Relax. They are coming, and it’s inevitable.


Jan 21-Feb 19


Aquarians are so much about others, you hardly ever get a chance to get in your own way. If you have been playing it straight, there are a number of avenues open for you. If you’ve strayed a bit, the catching up is getting further out to sea. The sooner you act, the easier the steps will be to retrace. As an air sign, you’re highly intelligent and prefer not to be bored. Ever.


Feb 20-Mar 20


It’s hard to avoid being famous this week. Or well-known at work, in your neighborhood, and with friends. The career you have been carving out (which may have seemed to keep washing away) now receives a steadying influence. Mars puts the focus on people you have invested time and energy with. Saturn stabilizes your efforts and creates a structure you can count on. Finally!