March 21 – April 20


Rematch, do-over, whatever you choose, this week you’re ready to run for the finish line. Uranus in your sign zapped Mercury, so your thoughts have been rearranged. Now the focus is on money, your finances, and what you want to do. Love? Romance? You’ve suddenly become a pragmatist. Something inside knows you’re just beginning to gain your strength.


April 21 – May 21


Your extensive searches have been exhaustive. Now it’s time to sit back and breathe. Trust that networks with the fine filament of connectivity have landed in the right hands. Soon, you’ll be able to move forward, knowing you’ve reached out in the right directions. If you need to rest, let yourself. If you need to talk, make that call. If you need to be held – well, you know the rest.


May 22– June 21


Mars in your sign won’t let you down. You’ve got to believe this if you’ve filled your schedule to the brim. While you might rather steal away to sit in relative peace, exploring your psyche, reading about your ancestry, or discovering secret dreams, work and friends will find you. As fascinating as your life is, theirs seems even moreso to them, and they want to share it with you!


June 22 – July 23


At the moment you may have high borders when it comes to embracing your heart. You’re shaking off others’ drama and investing where it soothes you. It’s easier to be excited when you’re feeling well. Otherwise, it’s all just one big blah. Any thoughts of stealing away to a private place? It can be for self-protection and restoration. A useful approach – don’t come out until you’re ready!


July 24 – August 23


The thing about Leos is, you can pretty much do whatever you set your mind to. The other aspect involved is that you know this. So the only question becomes, how do you narrow down your choices? It helps if you look at what keeps your attention, or how thinking about it makes you feel. If what you choose is pure drudgery, you’re not likely to stick around for long. And Uranus this week won’t let you!



24 – September 23


You’ve got this. Even if you’re not recognizing your thought patterns (as in, where did they go?) after last week’s Uranus connection to Mercury, you’re still powering through at a high level. Because of your ability to see the tiniest detail and enlarge it in your mind, you may wonder ‘high level as compared to what?’ Exactly. Now you get it. Pull out and enjoy the aerial view.


September 24 – October 23


Want to stay tucked in until the sun is out? Have there been so many collapsed promises, you’re not sure what to believe? This is a most testing time for Libra, and it is not indicative of your ‘forever’. It’s for the duration of Jupiter retrograde opposite Uranus, which brings you into situations and then out again before you know it. Choose your (feeling-based) heart’s thermostat and stick to it.


October 24 – November 22


If you’re watching stars light up the sky, you may wonder why you can see so clearly. Not everyone is looking up, learning to step back from the barrage of emotions flying around. Uranus in your solar sixth house affects where you work. Projects are on-again, off-again. If you’re curious how long this pattern will continue, add to your karmic credit balance by being supportive. Partnerships are your strength right now.


November 23 – December 22


Time is money. You’ve heard it before, but now it has a different meaning. Your energy and effort is valuable. Everyone has a story, and some will use theirs to take more than is offered. But is it your responsibility to let them? Only if what you receive matches what you give. If it doesn’t, Saturn in your sign will whisper for you to be off like a shot. Partners shed light on important possibilities.


December 23 – January 20


You’ve taken care of everything. Yet somehow, an unexpected event got in the mix and messed it all up. Now, you have to start over. You’re wondering if you might just escape it all. Except – the Sun moves into your solar sixth house of work. There’s definitely light on this subject! Romance heats up. As a Capricorn, you’re cautious, steady, and your goal to be reserved is ultimately sexy.


January 21 – February 19


If only Neptune weren’t in your income sector, making money so hard to hold onto. If only Venus didn’t flirt so much, making potential partners disappear in a blink. If only – what’s that? You don’t do ‘if only’ anymore? Congratulations! The Sun enters your solar fifth house this week. You, and only you, define who you are. This goes double for entering the new stages of romance.


February 20 – March 20


Working hard to fit that piece in, but the puzzle won’t budge? Following your internal map because real roads are dead-ends? As the final sign of the zodiac, you have the benefit of advanced, even cosmic, insights. Are you more true to yourself, but your future still doesn’t look secure? View how Chiron in Pisces has forced you to heal. Admit it, you’ve grown. So now – is it time to celebrate, or perhaps just take a nap?