Japanese women rarely step out the door without perfectly applied makeup. But at the end of the day, makeup removal is a four-step regime including cleansing, foam wash, skin lotion and moisturizer—plus optional skin cream. U.K.-based cosmetics retailer Make It & Co. now offers a Face & Body Wash Oil (¥6,800, 200ml) that covers all four of the main steps in one bottle. Made of 100 percent natural oils, the three available variants each promise a specific effect: citrus for sensitive skin, lavender for anti-aging and thyme for sebum control. With one bottle estimated to last two-and-a-half months, it can certainly clear up some space by the lavabo.

Available at Make It & Co., 7-6-12 Ginza, and Isetan Shinjuku’s Beauty Apothecary. http://mic-asia.com/