Better Watch Out

Deck the halls with blood and gore

A Christmastime babysitter babe must defend herself and her 12-year-old charge against a vicious home invasion, albeit from a quarter she’d least expected.

Though the IMDb categorizes this as “Comedy, Crime, Horror,” I think I missed the humor part. I found it mean-spirited, pointlessly brutal, and not even a little funny. Plus the actor playing the villain just doesn’t have the chops to bring off a menacing psycho. The film defies expectations, to be sure, but this alone does not a recommendable film make.

That said, the film eventually gels, and during the ironic final 15 minutes approaches a level of cleverness it imagines it has been maintaining all along. But this does not warrant sitting through an hour and a quarter of sadistic dreck to get there. (89 min)

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