Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills has cause for a double celebration in 2019. Located in one of Tokyo’s most emerging districts, Toranomon has undergone major redevelopment in recent years and central to this has been the appearance of the 52-story Toranomon Hills skyscraper complex — one of Tokyo’s tallest buildings. Residing on its top floors, the stylish and luxurious Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills has reached its five-year milestone in the capital, whilst up on the 51st floor the main restaurant celebrates its first anniversary after relaunching as The Tavern – Grill & Lounge last spring.

The international modern grill concept of the restaurant (reflected in its diverse menu) also aims to maintain the spirit of a traditional tavern by creating a warm and relaxing space that reflects modern Japanese culture — demonstrated by its impressive, huge twisted wooden sculptures housed up in its high ceilings and assortment of bonsai trees and curated ornamental displays throughout. The vast layout, which also includes a centrally placed bar for exquisite cocktails and fine wines, is a skillful balance between privacy and openness — perfect for winding down after a tough day at the office or for wining and dining with friends and colleagues as part of the working day.

Snow-Aged Meats and Seasonal Treats

Since December 2017, Executive Chef Shaun Keenan, who is dedicated to using fresh, locally-sourced Japanese ingredients, has reinvented the restaurant’s main menu by offering creatively presented signature dishes and classic favorites such as the nicoise salad — which has been given a modern twist by Keenan using seared akami tuna diced into cubes, confit potato and quail eggs. Key to this reinvention has been the acquirement of a Niigata-based yukimuro (snow cellar) to preserve and mature ingredients using natural refrigeration. Maintaining a constant temperature of 1-2°C and a humidity of over 95 percent, aging for 25 days results in a meat that is juicy, tender and rich in flavor and texture. From beef to soy sauce, many different ingredients have been given the snow-aged treatment that serves to bring out their individual flavors to the fullest.

The showstoppers are undoubtedly the Hokkaido beef options, which are also available as part of the restaurant’s two set menus that offer a choice of either a sirloin or tenderloin cut — both snow-aged and both succulently juicy and rich in texture and flavor — along with a side of garlic mashed potato (also snow-aged). The kitchen’s broiler grill plays a part in unlocking this flavor by uniformly cooking the meat at a high temperature, creating a perfect charred seal. The meat is given an extra smoky aroma thanks to the meat drippings reacting with hot lava stones that are placed at the bottom of the grill during the grilling process.

Snow-Aged Meats and Seasonal Treats

The Tavern – Grill & Lounge, however, is not just for evenings. Offering a weekend brunch menu that features an unlimited choice of starters delivered straight to your table, as well as seasonal Afternoon Tea, with its selection of flavored teas and sweet or savory bites.

With so much on offer and an environment that eschews strict dress codes and formality, The Tavern – Grill & Lounge is a must-visit destination for friends, families, colleagues and couples who are looking for a sophisticated yet relaxed dining experience at any time of day.

The Tavern – Grill & Lounge

Breakfast 6:30am – 11am

Lunch 11:30am – 3:30pm

Dinner 6pm – 10:30pm

Lounge 10:30am – 11:30pm

Weekday Afternoon Tea 2pm – 5pm

Weekend Afternoon Tea 1pm – 3pm, 3:30pm – 5:30pm

Weekend Brunch 11:30am – 1:00pm, 1:30pm – 3:30pm

Toranomon Hills 51F, 1-23-4 Toranomon, Minato-ku