Tokyo Music Scene: New Japan Releases this June

Tokyo Music Scene: New Japan Releases this June

Get through the rainy season slump with our newest playlist


With live houses reopening and summer music festivals no longer a distant thing of the past, you might be wondering who you can expect to see touring their new releases this summer in Japan. The answer to that, as well as some info on digital releases, can be found in Metropolis’ latest Spotify roundup. Featuring music from classics like Mass of the Fermenting Dregs as well as brand new material from Tokyo mainstays Tokyo Jihen, we have you covered with some of the best newest music released online this June. Listen to the full playlist on Spotify here and check out some highlights below:

Kung-Fu / NTsKi 

From her forthcoming debut album Orca, NTsKi’s new single “Kung-Fu” captures the minimalist electronic elegance the Kyoto-based artist and musician has become known for. After beginning to create music whilst living in the UK, NtSKi has been actively releasing material since returning to Japan in 2017, including providing music to the Japan Pavilion at SXSW 2019. Orca will be released on August 6 via Orange Milk/EM Records.

Presence I / STUTS

Bringing Tokyo-based Producer — STUTS — to national acclaim, “Presence I” is the theme song from newly released drama series “Omameda Towako and the Three Ex-husbands.” Featuring KID FRESINO as well as the four main actors from the TV series on vocals, “Presence I” is an addictive, melodic hip-hop jam perfect for the summer heat.

Peacock / Tokyo Jihen

Peacock is the opening track from Ongaku, the first album release from Tokyo Jihen in a decade. At just under two minutes long — much like its namesake — “Peacock” is a strutting funk track that sets the tone for the remainder of the thirteen-track album.

FUEL / the band apart

Formed in Tokyo in 1998, the band apart have been steadily releasing music for 20 years, with some of their older material recently becoming available for streaming for the first time. “FUEL” from their 2009 album K.And His Bike is a nostalgic snapshot of angsty 2000s rock replete with an anthemic chorus and heavy, distorted breakdowns. Catch them on tour throughout July and August.

delusionalism  / Mass of the Fermenting Dregs

Much to the delight of Japanese shoegaze (dream pop) fans everywhere, Kobe’s Mass of the Fermenting Dregs’s self titled debut EP became available on streaming platforms this June. The lead track from the EP “delusionalism” showcases Natsuko Miyamoto’s melodic pop vocals before jumping into a relentless, guitar-driven wall of sound. Head to their website for info on the live shows happening this month.

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