Weekly Horoscope: August 18-24



March 21 – April 20


The solar eclipse is the astrology topic of the season. It makes a natural trine aspect to Aries. Thus you’ll move through its effects with rewards on their way. This is especially true if you’ve felt held back, or if someone has broken a promise. There isn’t much wiggle room with this eclipse. That’s because the Moon blocks out the ‘ego’ of the Sun. Your treasure is to tap into your feelings and interpret your deepest needs. Discovering your greater purpose, a new path is just beginning.


 April 21 – May 21


Venus and Ceres negotiate a comfortable position for you. You can create a level of snuggle energy for yourself – the equivalent of a security blanket. If you’re in a relationship, extend yourself, especially if there are romantic thoughts waiting to be expressed. Dark Moon Lilith and Saturn encourage risks in partnerships. What you create and share with each other is triggered by the solar eclipse. If you’re single, you’re stuck being nice to yourself. Light up the shadows.


May 22– June 21


This week’s solar eclipse is exciting. It stimulates Gemini, enhancing your natural talents. With its shadow and the release that follows, you’re able to float in your own bubble. Plans may change, along with choices you may evaluate over the next three months. There’s a destiny aspect here, with the Sun and Moon near the north node. What you share has more impact on others than before. Watch what you wish for. You might just like it – a lot.


June 22 – July 23


Watch your finances carefully. Keep them as solid as you can, yet accessible for the next three months. The solar eclipse is in your income sector. It creates a shadow which hides the usual logic channels. If you follow your heart, of course, you’re covered. Or perhaps you’ll see this as an incentive to hear the guidance it gives. You’re not alone. There’s a group wave advancing to greater success. Taking the next step in unknown realms is always a bit daunting.


July 24 – August 23


People are calling this solar eclipse the big one. It’s in your sign, meaning the New Moon and the Sun are at the same degree in Leo. It’s like getting caught in a wave at the beach – you have to roll with it. While it lasts, the Moon blocks out the ‘ego’ of the Sun. Thus you can easily tap into your feelings, governed by the Moon. As much as you may want to avoid them, you will eventually have to listen. And then – act. A new path is yours, lighter and brighter. Laughter at the past and heart for the future.


August 24 – September 23


The build-up to the solar eclipse is a big one. It may even seem anti-climactic, as the ins and outs aren’t felt only that day. They’re seen over the next few months. You’ll notice it in your solar twelfth house of privacy and dreams. This means it has a deep connection, and will take a while to work its way to the light. Your subconscious mind is a sacred place. Treat it like the sanctuary it is. Practice trusting what you feel but don’t yet know. Experiencing the results will help you get there.


 September 24 – October 23


If you can’t know what’s going to happen ahead of time, you can let yourself recognize it as it comes in. If everything isn’t as you’d like it (is it ever?), the solar eclipse will take a look at this for you. There is a consciousness in the stars which astrology recognizes. The planets aren’t just things out there. They are part of a bigger picture, as are you. As above, so below. Expansion is just around the corner. You may find yourself meeting up with old and new friends over the next three months.


October 24 – November 22


If you’re not in agreement on an important issue, or feel uncomfortable with the status quo, the universe may point you where or with whom you’d rather be. Mars triggers a kite aspect to catch you if you fall. The week offers a special celestial compass – the total solar eclipse. It’s in your career sector (it had to be somewhere, right?). What was upside down may go right side up with this galactic reset. What’s in store is a revitalization of your interests and personal satisfaction.


 November 23 – December 22


What seems to be falling out of the sky may land in your lap – in a good way. The light of the Sun during the solar eclipse is shadowed by the Moon, so the galactic ego can get out of its own way. If you’ve been stuck in a loop, this eclipse can help you break free. Thoughts and projections of the future undergo a rewrite. Understanding the spiritual reasons behind it, traveling to get some perspective, and giving yourself a break for things you can’t control all become within reach.


December 23 – January 20


Your charts shows a state of flux about a type of home you hadn’t considered, but may surprisingly be in tune with. As Mars kicks off a grand kite in the heavens, this week lets life take a more comfortable course. The total solar eclipse is much talked about. It affects what you share with others – either in relationships, business, or both. The results take about three months to unravel and reveal. The choices you make create your own personal compass to follow.


 January 21 – February 19


The flip side of the lunar eclipse in Aquarius is this week’s total solar eclipse in Leo. Opposite your sign, it expresses the thoughts and desires of your ‘mirror’. Whether it belongs to a partner, or is your own reflection, the eclipse temporarily covers or shadows your normal actions in that area. The effect on your psyche offers a new route. Does this sound like you? You may choose a rebirth much longed for. Risk can be exciting and productive.


February 20 – March 20    


Right now Chiron is retrograde in your sign, balancing Mercury retrograde and Vesta. Sometimes you just have to forgive yourself. This week’s solar eclipse puts a shadow on what you do to help others, and your daily work. It’s meant as a reset button, a destiny portal, attracting rewards and opportunities. It ‘eclipses’ your normal routine. Not sure yet how to move forward? You are wise. A little research and checking in, and you will sense the timing of your next decision.