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March 21 – April 20  


This is a magical week, twinkling and entwined with festive lights. Pallas Athene in your sign is right next to Uranus. The more you do your own thing, the more your creativity grows. With it comes a mystical change. The New Moon in your sector of higher education uplifts you. You may realize a trip is required. Plan for it soon, or early next year. Saturn leaves this area of your chart. He’ll add stability to your career. It’s not a long haul, it’s a form of security.


April 21 – May 21


The holidays are a secret sacred time for Taurus. The excess of lights and excitement combine with your Venusian (read: glamorous) side. As an earth sign, you’re also able to bring things to a manageable level, helping others stay on an even keel. The New Moon touches what you share with someone else. Looking at things with an eye towards change? It holds a special glow. Saturn enters your sector of long distance travel. It’s not too early to start planning! Enjoy this Winter Solstice.


May 22– June 21


What others consider a rush is a normal day for you. Your mind works quickly, like a 3-level chess set. Don’t worry if others don’t get your ideas the first time around. Mercury is still retrograde. The New Moon keeps you busy, especially if you’re with a partner. Saturn enters your sector of intimacy and rejuvenation. Security and stability are on their way. Enjoy the Winter Solstice as the Sun joins this sector and illuminates your life.


June 22 – July 23


The New Moon and all her tricks is only the start. Work may include accounts gained with your persevering skills. There’s encouragement and opportunity, even as the holidays head in. Saturn enters your relationship sector. He brings responsibility and commitment, and will do so for a few years. You have time. The Sun joins this area. At least you can follow your heart. All in time to enjoy this week’s Winter Solstice!


July 24 – August 23


Breathe easy. Otherwise, you may be depleting yourself of oxygen. No one can hold their breath until the holidays without passing out. If you haven’t started meditating, now is a good time. The New Moon in your sector of romance collides with the nearest holiday rush. You can’t avoid it, so you may as well join in. Saturn enters your work sector. What? Now? Then the Sun shines its heart light into this arena. Enjoy the Winter Solstice on the very same day.


August 24 – September 23


This is a special week. The New Moon is full of surprises. She helps you find a new home, diet, or perspective. Just in time for the holidays! So efficient, just like you. Then Saturn enters your sector of romance. This transit may offer just the cozy security you’ve been craving. The Sun joins in, shining a light on how you really feel. To top it all off, the Winter Solstice arrives, to cradle earth-loving, caregiver you!


September 24 – October 23


It’s almost the holidays, and the New Moon brings magic. It whispers of goals and how you can reach them. Then Saturn transits to your sector of home base. He has a way of slowing things down, so they can’t be glossed over. In the midst of the season’s glow, you may have more to do. Over the next few years, you’ll create love and beauty, and possibly a new home. The Sun joins this area to add heart and light as the Winter Solstice arrives.  


October 24 – November 22


With Mars, Jupiter, and Vesta in your sign, it’s a wonderful week. Things are larger and move faster. You may enjoy the sacred warmth. The New Moon casts a holiday spell on finances, adding sugarplum visions of your next step. Saturn enters your solar third house of communication. Brothers, sisters, and neighbors compete for attention. The Sun transits here to ensure you stop what you’re doing and join them. At the same time as the Winter Solstice!


November 23 – December 22


Sagittarians rejoice. Before the Sun transits out of your sign, Saturn leaves, too. This is a relief. You may think ‘Yippee, I get to feel happy again’. While true, the excitement of ‘getting out from under’ encourages spending, especially during the holidays. Take a step back and breathe. Maybe walk around the block. Saturn transits to your solar second house. You’ll shore up or build your finances over the next few years. The New Moon in your sign helps you start this form of self-care.


December 23 – January 20


Happy Birthday! This is a busy season, not just because of the holidays. Saturn, your ruling planet, transits into Capricorn. You may immediately think, ‘Oh no!’ After all, isn’t Pluto there doing enough? If you were any other sign, that might be true. But with Saturn you can rebuild. It’s the slow, hands-on method of getting to the next step, but it’s so satisfying. The New Moon brings an optimistic kick-start. The Sun enters your sign for the Winter Solstice.


January 21 – February 19


This is a week of crystal clarity, even with Mercury appearing never to go direct. The New Moon is visionary. Your priorities are clear. The next step on your path is about to arrive. Especially if you have been asking for it! Visualize everyone happy with changes so you can move through this. Saturn enters your solar twelfth house. This is about privacy, sacred spaces, and karma. The Sun joins Saturn, just in time for the Winter Solstice.


February 20 – March 20    


The New Moon encourages second chances in career. This uplift is perfect as the holidays start to hit. You know all too well the seriousness of the season. You see sparkles and excitement, yet the changes in each moment filter through. Ancient celebrations of the Winter Solstice warmed people’s spirits for cold months ahead. Saturn transits to your friendship sector (think groups and associations). You may get elected for a committee.