March 21–April 20


Thoughts and desires take shape as you infuse them with energy. Action is the next step, something you were born for. A difficult structure you have been trying to undo is about to crumble. It may have looked solid on the outside, but you knew deep within that it was not. Be patient. Keep going. You’re closer than you think.


April 21–May 21


What do you think of new avenues? Adventure, of the kind that entices, beckons. Pallas Athene has crossed a line and she’s not going back. She refreshes each day with a creative spark. Your original outlook attracts the match you want, whatever the subject may be. There is light for you to spread your wings and enjoy a greater vista.


May 22–June 21


Beams of energy flow into your corner. You attract only the best. There’s a bounce in your step and a gleam in your aura. Accept offers which include upgrades for your home and while traveling. Even if they don’t entirely match your picture, there is more there for you than initially expressed. Do it now, as Venus’ transit lasts only until the end of the month.


June 22–July 23


Have you been waiting for something, but you’re not sure what? Or you do know, but it keeps changing? The flux of our planet is increasing. Fields of galactic energy affect what’s happening here. There are still places of serenity to hold onto. Your inner planes of calm will resonate this match. This goes for romance too. The full moon balances your hopes and dreams.


July 24–August 23


If you feel your head has been turned, consider this a treat. It’s time to direct your considerable energies towards that which brings you joy. With Mercury now in Leo, you’ll find it easier to find like-minded friends to support this perspective. The full moon is subtle. It reveals something at work. Take time out to relax and absorb how you feel.


August 24–September 23


What is it you would like most to happen? Your ruler Mercury is traveling in dreamtime. It’s worth looking ahead to see if this is something you’d choose for the long haul, or just for the moment. Getting your wishes answered can bring responsibilities later, requiring more of your time and energy. The full moon helps reveal whether this is for you, or not.


September 24–October 23


It’s all about work, yet it’s not. If you reflect over the past few months, are you having more fun? Planet configurations keep you ultra-busy. With Jupiter direct, it’s more in the genre you wish for. It comes more easily, too. The full moon is a stabilizing one. It’s earthy and grounding. It reflects the light of tradition and the value of things that last.


October 24–November 22


With changes continuing to accelerate, adjustments are required. Your intuition may be asking for a break! While you can count on yourself to pick up necessary signals, why not ask the universe to lighten your load? Pallas Athene is now opposite your sign. This brings an attraction to the unique and original. You may discover this in a partner, or meet someone whose quirky, courageous qualities spark a romance.


November 23–December 22


Sagittarians have a visionary quality. Imbued in all centaurs, you need unstructured time to sense ‘changes in the field’. Why not stop and take a deep breath before you jump in again? Venus opposite your sign offers soothing afternoons, especially in an important relationship. The full moon helps you set a course for financial strength and security.


December 23–January 20


Science says you renew every cell of your body, over and over, during your lifetime. Capricorn (Saturn) rules bones, which take the longest. That’s partly why your sign symbolizes tradition and longevity. You don’t have to change everything to honor and celebrate the Capricorn full moon. See your strength reflected in your friends and aspirations.


January 21–February 19


At the moment, the north node of the Moon affects your partner or spouse. The south node of the moon affects you. What does this mean on a daily basis? You use what you have earned this lifetime (and past), to release and ‘burn through’ karmic debts. Then your partner receives from the connection. Single? The full moon stabilizes dreams you’re about to make real.


February 20–March 20


Yours is a singular path. This is not to say you are alone. It’s about taking the high road even if others haven’t caught on. Neptune and Chiron are retrograde in Pisces. They put you through your paces. Rewards come from insights that connect you to a cosmic flow. The full moon invites an understanding of humanity, in that everyone is in this together. You are strengthened by your flexibility.