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March 21 – April 20  


Whether you like turkey, tofurky, or aren’t from the land of Thanksgiving at all, the stars line up to bring you a stellar week. It begins with the Sun in Scorpio, more comfortable than you might think as you both forge strong bonds and take commitments seriously. Scorpio’s previous ruling planet was the same as your very own Mars. You approach things directly and don’t waste time on nonsense. The Sun then enters your sector of travel – make plans for a new scenic view!


April 21 – May 21


Taurus is going through a period of being more forthright than ever. You can honor your Venus-ruled self by letting go of guilt (if you have some) and moving to the most comfortable lifestyle you can enjoy. The New Moon helps reset relationships. Your visionary insights are worthwhile. Neptune goes direct, clearing up those travel directions if you’re on a quest to find Thanksgiving. Your sense of humor is a valuable asset.


May 22– June 21


As you stretch yourself out in the morning, you may wonder what kind of week it will be. The New Moon creates options at work. Just before, though, your GPS may go slightly off track. The Sun brightens this sector, so you can see the light behind the clouds. You’re in a leadership position without having to try. Neptune goes direct right before Thanksgiving. What couldn’t be decided before is now firmly organized to enjoy.


June 22 – July 23


Cancers are known for their focus on family. There’s nothing like the run-up to the holidays to get you thinking in that direction. The New Moon adds depth to romance. It’s sultry, sexy, and persevering. When the Sun enters your solar sixth house, you get an extra dose of recognition. Thanksgiving arrives, an enjoyable feast if you celebrate. This week you’re reminded of the all the right choices you have made.


July 24 – August 23


As seasons change, the stars guide our lives. They shine light into the dark, challenge us to make us strong, and offer magic doorways. If we choose to go through, we can end up at destiny’s crossroads. The New Moon questions choices about home this week. The Sun warms up your romantic sector. Neptune goes direct, meaning confusion starts to clear. Just in time for Thanksgiving!


August 24 – September 23


From here on out, it’s pretty much known as the silly season. This New Moon makes it perfect to reach down deep and put your aspirations out there. The Sun follows, bringing a quirky approach to how and where you live. Neptune goes direct. Your plans can move forward, instead of being lost in the mist! Thanksgiving is considered a day of peace. Even if you don’t celebrate, let yourself be blessed by the stars.


September 24 – October 23


When Jupiter was in your sign, you had too many options and not enough time. Now he’s transiting your income sector, and you may have money on your mind. The New Moon is research-oriented. As you dig in, you’ll see results. The Sun warms up communications, adding heart to your search. Neptune goes direct, and clarity is a blessing. Thanksgiving is this week. Will you join in this celebration?


October 24 – November 22


If you were born this week, Happy Birthday to you! You have a bonus gift – the New Moon in Scorpio. Projects are given a head start. You’re in your element. Then the Sun transits to your income sector. Neptune moves direct. Romance and organizing the kids can move forward. Thanksgiving dinner comes once a year. Something may happen that keeps you in a thanks-giving mood for a long time to come.


November 23 – December 22


The New Moon creates a space for your dreams. Where do you want to go from here? The Sun moves into your sign this week. Happy Birthday! Neptune goes direct, so you can get a handle on vague responses you may have received. Then Thanksgiving comes around. Are you celebrating? Customs and cultures can be shared, regardless of where we are from. If you could hear the stars speak directly to you, which would be your favorites? What would they say?


December 23 – January 20


If you have been waiting patiently, clarity is coming. This week’s New Moon brings friends who ‘get you’. It’s a potent creative void to fill. The Sun transits to brighten your dreams. This luminary’s light offers a positive spin and is protective of where your heart leads you. Neptune goes direct. Impossible communications have a breakthrough. Thanksgiving is ready for you. Are you part of the plans?


January 21 – February 19


You have a serious side, as your former ruling planet was Saturn. You tend towards organizational qualities, helping others get sorted. Your current ruler is the planet Uranus. Electric and magnetic, you continually feel the spiritual shock of having to move to the next rung. The New Moon brings options to your career. The Sun transits to warm up your group connections. Then Neptune goes direct, just in time to make plans clear for Thanksgiving!


February 20 – March 20    


If you could float in an ethereal world, you might be very happy. Yet here you are on earth, with all its complications. The New Moon is introspective, yet may propel you to your next adventure. The Sun travels to warm up your career. Right before the holidays? Are you kidding? Then Neptune goes direct. As your ruling planet, you can handle this. If you’re up for Thanksgiving, don’t let anything throw you. Thank goodness for a little calm!